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How to Be Pitch Perfect

At Konnect Agency, we proudly take a unique approach to media and influencer relations – PERSONALIZATION. I say unique because not everyone takes the time to personalize each and every pitch, and in a world where there are six publicists for every one reporter, a little personalization goes a long way to help you stand out. Not only does this help you stand out among the hundreds of emails that reporters receive on a daily basis, but it also helps build long-term relationships that make you a go-to source for media.

In order to be successful with personalization, you have to take a 1:1 approach. Craft each pitch for its recipient – keep in mind who you are pitching, what outlet they write for and any pitch preferences that you’re aware of. Below are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind for a perfectly personalized pitch.


  • Research, Research, Research – understand what verticals each journalist covers, along with hyper-specific interests and preferences.
  • Reference recent articles in the opening of the pitch with genuine and thoughtful positive feedback, even if the subject falls outside of your pitch angle but is something that piques your interest. Mentioning the writer’s work shows the journalist that you are an active reader of their column and signals the following pitch is custom to their interests and beat.


  • If you are a social media butterfly, you might follow your target editors on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to get a better understanding of their work, interests, etc. and engage with them on a personal level, such as responding to a IG story or sharing their article on LinkedIn. Working for a New York PR firm, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and get to know some of my favorite editors face-to-face, but even if you’re based elsewhere in the country you can still build meaningful relationships with your editor targets just with a simple “follow” on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Contact your target editors outside of pitching them – share a story they might like, comment on something you’ve seen that they’ve recently written, grab a cup of coffee, etc.
    • Social media is a wonderful resource to help you get to know a writer and create long-lasting relationships, but you don’t want to overstep boundaries.
      • Do:
        • Wish them Happy Birthday or congratulate them on a promotion, personal milestone, etc.
        • Include small tidbits from their social media in your pitch
          • For example, “I saw your Instagram story the other day with your delivery from (BRAND) and thought you might be interested in (BRAND)”
      • Don’t:
        • Try to follow somebody who has a private profile. If they’re private, it’s for a reason.
        • Bring up their dog/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/parents/etc. names unless they’ve specifically talked about them to you
        • Respond to ALL of their content – pick and choose your battles as you would to any of your real friends


  • Draft a catchy, fun subject line to help your pitch stand out in a sea of “check this out!” emails.
  • Include at least 1-2 images within the body of a pitch (if possible) to give the editor a visualization of the story you are telling
  • Great creative with your copy! I love to get a little punny with my pitches to attract more attention to my clients
    • For example, “Hu Hunks provide a guilt-free treat for your hunk

Happy pitching!