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Got Press, Now What?

Here at Konnect Agency, we win big for our clients every day. We work hard to secure national, local, and trade media coverage for our amazing clients – but once that placement goes live, our efforts don’t end there.

While we always make sure to show the value of a piece of coverage to our clients, we also help our clients amplify that coverage on their social media channels, as well as ours. It’s important to keep the momentum going and maximize the exposure for each piece of meaningful media coverage

So, you’ve got press! Now what? You or your public relations agency has worked hard to pitch, secure and finalize a story and now it’s live. You now have to capitalize on this coverage so you can make the very most of it. Maximizing traffic to the piece is a great way to promote your company and build brand awareness. Here’s how to make this happen:

Utilize Social Media

Take the earned media coverage and share it with your followers across all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. If you don’t have any of these, create an account! It’s free and allows you to connect your business with the customers. Encourage employees to share the news as well. Tag relevant people in the post, which encourages happy customers and followers to retweet or share.

Tip from a social media agency: Give the reporter a shout-out as a thank you and tag them in your post! Giving them credit and thanks really goes a long way!

One of our favorite ways to share is via Instagram stories. Create an Instagram Highlight dedicated to press mentions and share your earned media hits as a story for your followers to see your company name in the spotlight. After letting it run for 24 hours, you can add the story to the “Press” Instagram highlight and you’ll have a dedicated slideshow to showcase.

A company website is the heart of the brand, so leveraging this space can help boost brand awareness. Build credibility by creating a press room landing page or “as-seen-in” section on your website. Keep it up to date with the latest news on your company highlighting the mentions and recognition from high profile publications and outlets. You can share screenshots of the media clips, link the article, and/or highlight quotes.

Email and Newsletter
If you have a mailing list or e-newsletter, add the article in the next issue! Leveraging news stories in e-newsletter is another great way to build your credibility. If you don’t have a newsletter, email! Email employees, vendors, customers, business associates, and colleagues to share the great news! But make sure to send only the high-profile placements to avoid spamming them.


Take this media coverage as an opportunity to network and build relationships, starting with the blogger or journalist who wrote the piece. Connect with them on a personal level. Media are people too! Feel free to follow up and let them know that you shared the story on your company’s social media channels. If the story was published in the newsletter, forward a copy to the writer and let them know that you shared the article with your subscribers. If the story appears in the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts of the publication or author, be sure to like, comment, share and retweet it.

In the Office
Treat media clippings like awards and have them framed around the office or create printouts in a portfolio book and leave them in the office lobby. Let clients and prospects conclude that they are doing business with the very best your industry has to offer.

The bottom line is to share, share, share! Garnering positive earned media placements about your brand isn’t easy so when a good story hits, you want to have it seen by as many eyes as possible. Take advantage of the momentum and increase the value of media placements with follow-on activities that wring greater benefits from the original placement. Whether you have an in-house public relations manager or outsource public relations to an agency, take advantage of the marketing tools to expand the article’s reach and increase its longevity.

Of course, you can always print it out and stick a copy on mom’s refrigerator — she’ll be so proud!