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Defining and Living by Company Values

Defining and Living by Company Values

Values. Every company and every individual has them. Whether we publicly announce them, personally accept them, put them up on walls, share them on our social media platforms or mention them in our conversations- we tend to live by them.

From the moment I started Konnect, we’ve had values we stood by as a public relations agency – values that showed our diligence for the work we do, our pride in the clientele we represent, our collaboration with one another – and most of all – our passion for the craft of PR and communications.

And as the company grew – we’ve refined our values every couple of years to ensure that they still fit the brand that we have become. More often than not- passion, collaboration and positivity stand at the forefront – swiftly followed by integrity, excellence and flexibility.

Yet, personally, I would have wanted to add some of my own values – that obviously encompassed the ones that Konnect lives and breathes by – and some additional ones – that maybe not everyone is aware of.

When I think of this category of values I look at GRIT – that’s a value that I personally live by. While it encompasses passion, a value that Konnect strongly holds, it adds an interesting layer of never giving up that is essential. No matter how many times you lose or are rejected, your passion for what you do/ want/ need is unending. To me, grit is something you carefully develop over time by collecting disappointments and choosing to look only at the big picture wins.

Grit is not about infatuation or personal success- grit fights far above that – and brings perseverance and resilience together.

Another value that may not be represented on the company walls of our public relations firm is UNDERSTANDING. To me, understanding is so important, not only for the benefit of the organization – where everyone should comprehend the bigger picture of the organization, where we are headed and how we measure success – but more so to the benefit of each team member. Understanding where someone comes from, their cultural background, how they perceive situations and what their own goals are is crucial to the well-being of a team.

Several years ago, I attended a conference and the speaker spoke about the alignment of values. It really struck a chord with me. He said that most often we do not do a great job at communicating our values – what we stand for – and people who interact with us may or may not know what’s important. At Konnect we communicate our values often. We want our teams to know what we stand for as an organization and we want to continue to build a culture that prides itself on transparency and clear communication – thus leading to a superior workplace led by values and strengths.

-Sabina Gault