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2019 Business Checklist

2019 Business Checklist

2019 is quickly coming to an end, and whether you have a hired agency for social media, marketing/advertising, or public relations or handle communications in-house, we want to help you close it out with a bang! We’ve compiled a list of final items you should do to end the work year right. Take a moment and reflect on how the work year went.

Season Greetings
If you haven’t already done so, send a holiday greeting to your business contacts. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to express gratitude, show appreciation, and convey warm wishes. Continue to build and strengthen your business relationship with media contacts, clients, vendors, colleagues, and others.

Clean Space, Clear Mind
We’re not asking you to “Marie Kondo” your workspace but take the time to clean out your desk and organize files. Start the next year in the right mindset. Physical clutter leads to mental clutter. You’ll find yourself much more organized and efficient when you sort through your physical and media files. You won’t feel as overwhelmed, will get more done, and will gain more clarity. Any unimportant and unnecessary documents like an old client report, or a receipt from six months, if you don’t need it – toss it. If you find any important documents, scan them, save them in your digital folder and properly file them.

Give Yourself a Round of Applause
When was the last time you took a moment to celebrate the amazing work you have accomplished throughout the year? When it comes to business, it can be hard for us to let go after the clock hits five. The gears in our heads are constantly turning as we work on projects, brainstorm disruptive ideas, and focus on handing situations at hand. Take the holiday season as an opportunity to reflect on everything you’ve done since January 2019 and see how much you’ve grown. Review tactics that crushed it and others that may need a little work. Nothing is perfect, and we should always strive to learn and grow. Analyze goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that helped measure success. Did they improve brand image and awareness? How did the campaign affect the company overall? What have you’ve learned? Can you apply the lesson to next year’s strategy?

Schedule a time to chat with your public relations agency and begin to draft next year’s calendar.

Latest and Greatest Hits
Whether you’ve hired a public relations agency or secured press organically, acknowledge and recognize the amount of media mentions and press about your company. Showcase your latest and greatest hits in the past year. It’s a nice way to recap the year’s work and present it to others. First, compile your top 10 press placements into a booklet. Then print several copies and leave it around the workplace – on a coffee table for guests to flip through in the waiting room for; in the conference room for potential new business meetings; or keep them close by to look at when you need a little bit of encouragement along with a sense of accomplishment.

The Internet Does Not Take A Vacation
We understand it can get very busy during the holiday season and it’s easy to let things like social media slip through the cracks. Work with your PR and social media agency to schedule social media posts in advance. This is also a great opportunity to discuss who will handle engagement and social media responses during the holiday break.

In addition to social media posting and engagement, keep an eye out on the news. In case of a crisis, a publicist should be available on call.

Stop wasting time on tedious reports
We understand the necessity of breaking down data for return of investment (ROI), however, it’s also important to make sure that the team is working smarter, not harder. Rather than spend hours and hours crunching numbers and providing detailed descriptions, which can be easily understood by looking at the data, look into a more strategic report that includes an analysis and agency recommendations on how to improve.

If you are utilizing several agencies for public relations, social media, or marketing/advertising to help execute your communications plans, consider minimizing the tedious reports and request for actionable results. By requesting an analysis and recommendations, you’ll work together to identify opportunities for improvement in the new year. Additionally, take advantage of new technologies and implement systems to help deliver better reports so they can focus on providing quality results.

By taking the time before the holiday break to prepare for the new year, you’ll end 2019 on a successful note and start 2020 on the right foot.