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Cheers to a Progress-Filled 2020

Cheers to a Progress-Filled 2020

I have the privilege to write the last blog of the year for Konnect; an honor I don’t take lightly. Not only is it the last blog to close out our memorable 10th year in business as a leading public relations agency, but it is the last blog of this decade in our Konnect Agency blogosphere. The end of anything usually prompts a pause for reflection. Konnect has certainly grown in the past year and decade and often in ways we couldn’t have expected. But always in the ways we needed.

Our team has grown and we’ve set down roots in other states. Our agency practice areas have expanded to include digital marketing, full social platform services, content creation, and so much more. Our leadership team has expanded and I feel confident in saying we truly have the best and most dedicated leaders helping to grow the next era of communications and marketing specialists.

Of course, none of this growth and innovation would have been possible if we didn’t have a creator, disruptor, and believer in all that can be done (never what cannot be accomplished) in our fearless CEO, Sabina. She pushes us all to imagine the impossible is just an arm’s reach away. Her dedication to our brands sets the standard by which we all operate. Sabina hates the word, “no,” which fuels her drive to figure out how to get to  “yes.” One of the most remarkable things about Sabina and the example she has set for our leadership team is that she is always willing to take a chance.

Whether it be a new office location or technology. A new hire or emerging brand. She is willing to take the chance, provide guidance and space for learning and ultimately, for progress to be made.

As we head into a brand new decade, I’m so inspired by this pursuit of progress. We all have personal and professional goals, but we might be better served in reflecting on how we can take a chance in our own lives as a way to move closer to how we define positive progression. We won’t always achieve progress in the way we imagined. But always in the way that is meant to be.

Happy Holidays and Cheers to a Progress-filled 2020!