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How Teamwork Made Me A Better Individual

How Teamwork Made Me A Better Individual

What’s your work style like? Do you hide behind your desk, earphones in, world out? Contrary to the popular stereotype, working as a public relations professional can make you quite the introvert inside and outside of the workspace. These habits can eventually impact your mindset and your ability to grow. In retrospect, transitioning into a team-oriented workflow at a public relations firm has not only increased my productivity but also has helped me become a better version of myself in and out of the workspace.

Creating a multi-leveled structured team to maximize and accomplish a work goal goes beyond what any individual can accomplish. The melting pot of different backgrounds, cultures, knowledge, and experiences does not only inspire but produce true quality work. This magnetic structure helps one to see a different perspective or enhance our thought process on a particular subject. Brainstorming and bouncing ideas with proficient feedback helps open a portal of ideas that ultimately flourish into a result beyond comparison.

Now say it’s around 7 or 8 p.m. and you are at home digesting that intense brainstorming session and currently watching your new favorite Netflix show. You begin to see the world differently through a new set of eyes and thought processes. You start to wonder why they picked a particular line or camera angle and suddenly your tunnel vision is perforated. Personally, this helped me rediscover my creative side and build a new relationship with the way I view the world. Creating a cycle of constant inspiration gets your head flowing in a way of always thinking strategically and creatively. You will soon see yourself absolutely slaying all work plans and goal plans.

The art of contribution is also a huge benefit of team settings. Have you ever heard that “there is no such thing as a stupid question?” Putting yourself out there is never easy. Most of us get afraid of being shut out or easily disregarded by upper and senior management, however, when you have an open invitation to collaborate and share ideas our confidence slightly boosts (or soars) which can produce a streamline of positive workflow and newfound personality booster. Be open to voice your challenges as there is probably someone that has been in your situation or has expert advice on how to shift direction. Structured teamwork creates an environment where no one wants to see you fail and you ultimately get to keep and share that advice to one day help someone that is now in your shoes.  

Who’s the boss now?  Make yourself seen by letting yourself be open as well. Don’t be afraid to tackle a leadership position through minor responsibilities even if you are a junior staffer. Here comes the challenge! Showing initiative is one of the best steps to improve your everyday work life and personal life.  Once you create that habitual pattern at work not only will your team learn to trust you even more but also, will help you become a more independent person along with embodying that same trust within yourself. We all want to flourish and position ourselves as the ultimate resource when the time comes but imagine learning to develop that habit from early on. Learning to embody the same thinking process as your team members and being an active listener even through emails helps us pave the way to this ultimate goal.

Even though our society has led us to be lonely creatures of nature don’t stick to the status quo for your own good. Be open to commentary and feedback and play an active role in whatever responsibilities you tackle either working at a public relations agency or anywhere you go. Learn to create meaningful work through the help of your team and play a role in your own life through confidence boosters and creative mind flow patterns. Open yourself to the possibility of the unknown or discomfort because you are sure to bloom all thanks to your co-workers.