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Beating the Winter Blues at Work

Beating the Winter Blues at Work

Let’s start with a fact: It’s hard to get back into your groove after a long holiday break. And it’s especially hard to go back to the office for what feels like the longest month ever (looking at you, January…). We have a running joke here at Konnect Agency that this month always feels like it’s at least a year long. As if to add insult to injury, the cold weather here in Denver makes it especially difficult to resist the temptation of snuggling up by a fire with a comfy blanket and not a worry in the world except for which new Netflix series we’ll be binging next.

So, let’s face it: We all get a case of the winter blues once in a while. How can you conquer it while you’re at the office dreaming of the goose down comforter that’s awaiting your return? I present to you, a few tips to keep your spirits up during these last few wintery weeks.

Leave the office to go for a walk or grab a coffee

It sounds simple enough, but we often get so caught up in trying to conquer our to-do list that we forget to step outside until it’s time to leave for the day. Take ten minutes for yourself and go get some fresh air with a walk around the block or a coffee run with a coworker. As a lifestyle PR agency, we often say “It’s PR, not the ER,” which essentially means that you can benefit from taking a few moments to collect your thoughts and refresh your mind. Even when it’s cold outside, you don’t need to keep yourself hidden away at your desk all day. Get outdoors!

Get up and exercise

If you can’t bring yourself to brave the cold, you should still find times throughout the day to move your body. Walk over to a coworker’s office to chat rather than sending an email, head to the kitchen to grab a snack or take a lap around your building to meet some of your office neighbors. And don’t forget to exercise outside the office — nothing kicks winter blues to the curb like some endorphins!

Open up the blinds and let the light in

One of the many downsides of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is the emotional toll a lack of light can have on you. If you have windows near your desk, open up those blinds! Something as simple as a stream of sunlight can help brighten your day and increase your productivity. If you don’t have any windows nearby you, consider a light therapy lamp that simulates sunlight.

Find networking events to meet other professionals

Start the New Year off by researching networking events specific to your profession. Not only will networking help you boost your overall social skills, additionally you will also meet other like-minded professionals that can help advance your career. As PR professionals, we also often meet with reporters, editors and influencers to maintain our relationships and find new opportunities for our clients. Signing up for these events and keeping up with social commitments is a surefire way to keep you from hibernating in your office all day.

Listen to some tunes while you work

Upbeat playlists abound on Spotify and are a quick way to boost your mood while you stay on-task.

Avoid the sugary snacks

This is something we’ve all been guilty of: Once 2 pm hits, your mind starts wandering until it eventually lands on…snacks. The key to afternoon snack breaks is to avoid sugary ones that will lead to a crash hours later. Look to a healthier option instead that will keep you energized through the last stretch of the day like a Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie or ZENB’s Veggie Bites. You’ll set yourself up to conquer the rest of your afternoon without the sugar crash. Win-win!

If you find yourself facing the winter blues, try out a few of these tips — it might surprise you how much of a difference they can make on your productivity and mood!