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Preparing for Takeoff: Business Travel for Beginners

Preparing for Takeoff: Business Travel for Beginners

While our public relations agency is headquartered here in Los Angeles, Konnect team members are often traveling all over the country for our clients — whether it’s for an in-person meeting, grand opening event or meetings with editors and reporters. All this jet-setting provides us with great insights, not only about how to get through the TSA line the fastest and which terminals have the best food options but also about the places our clients come from, how that informs their worldview and experiencing the brand’s environment and culture firsthand.

While business travel can certainly be considered a perk, it’s not all glitz and glamor.

Traveling is a great way to build on and gain new skills that will help you grow professionally. Career skills like networking, communicating clearly, organization, independence and staying healthy in general are never more important than when you’re preparing for or embarking on a business trip. Even the slightest slip up in any of these areas can create delays and derail your plans.

Staying physically and mentally fit for a trip is also important for your overall health. No one wants to be sick during a client meeting or event. Take any chance you get to rest up and avoid feeling sluggish before or after your trip. If you can, infuse some leisure time into your travel by grabbing lunch or dinner with clients and exploring to keep your energy level steady. If you lucked out with even more free time during a trip, pack an outfit you can walk around town or workout in.

For some public relations professionals, life on the road traveling from meeting to meeting and event to event is a reality. In these instances, staying organized and ready to go will make traveling anywhere a lot easier. Having all the essentials at-the-ready will help you stay prepared for anything. Here are a few essentials that every business traveler should have in their carryon:

  • Healthy Snacks: For long flights, bring your own better-for-you snacks to keep you fueled and energized throughout the day. Try some of KRAVE’s new Plant-Based Jerky or Lenny and Larry’s for a delicious, portable snack that won’t take up too much space in your bag.
  • Energizing Drinks: Swap a carb-loaded or alcohol-laden beverage on the plane with a hydrating RECOVƎR 180. This drink includes essential vitamins and plant-based extracts to help fuel and refuel.
  • Laptop or Tablet: For obvious reasons.
  • Chargers: Our bodies aren’t the only things that need to recharge. Keep a charger or two in your bag for long meetings and events because phones always die at the worst possible moments.
  • Business Cards: A must-have item to pack. You never know who you will run into when you travel or need to connect with in the future.
  • Good Walking Shoes: You can wear comfortable shoes and still look professional. Always bring a good pair of flats or shoes during busy tradeshows or meetings that involve walking across the showroom floor or the town.
  • Change of Clothes and Toiletries: Even for short day trips, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Almost everyone at Konnect has experienced an unexpected flight delay or cancellation in the past year and being unprepared only makes the situation even more stressful and exhausting.

Lastly, when traveling for business, it’s important to always remember to be present and enjoy all the moments that the trip offers you. Often, it’s easy to take experiences like this for granted when you are caught up in the whirlwind of working while traveling. Being present in the moment and practicing mindfulness while traveling will teach you about yourself, your colleagues and your clients that you may have never noticed from the start.

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