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Is a Super Bowl ad worth the investment?

Is a Super Bowl ad worth the investment?

Ads come in all shapes and sizes, and the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity to capture an audience and make an impact. But with a hefty price tag, is the investment worth it? Five-million dollars and 30 seconds to convey your message might seem steep, but with over 100 million viewers as a captive audience, the price tag may be worth the investment to a brand that can afford it. However, according to Business Insider writer Alexander Samet, game-day viewership is on a slow decline, and recent studies have found that roughly 30% of viewers don’t even recall seeing specific ads. So, what does this tell us about that hefty investment? Their money might be better spent on platforms such as Instagram to command the attention of their lost audience who now make purchase decisions through Instagram. Key messaging and using specific audience target demographics, brands can opt-out of that game-time fee and opt-in for visible engagement and sales lift.  

If you’re anything like me, you spent most of the game Googling football terminology, who could potentially play the next James Bond, and whether Garoppolo was single. So, my attention much of the game was spent checking my phone, which could and should have been a touchpoint for brands to connect with me. So, let’s compare a five-million-dollar TV spot to a five-million-dollar Instagram spend. As mentioned previously, roughly 100 million viewers tuned in to Super Bowl LIV and according to Business Insider, that five-million-dollar investment spent on Instagram could potentially garner over one-billion impressions with the opportunity to click through to further engage with the brand or make a purchase. Knowing what we know about audience viewership for the big game on TV compared to impressions garnered through social media at the same spend, brands would be silly not to invest even a third of the investment on social media.

If you’re a CPG or B2C brand that can’t afford the serious chunk of change for massive production and dwindling audience during the Super Bowl, there are several ways in which you can benefit from social media and influencers during highly anticipated events. The social media marketing team at Konnect Agency has positioned many brands to be ready for Super Bowl. From influencer hosted giveaways to creating key content and graphics to provide our brand’s audience with ways to interact through social media, we got you covered. Our client Brazi Bites supported Super Bowl LIV through their social media channels by ramping up their game-day recommendations. Through strong imagery, graphics, and engaging content, that led to top-tier results. Influencers were utilized to create beautiful content to promote a giveaway and home in on the messaging that Brazi Bites are your easy and delicious cheesy snack for game-day. One influencer’s video garnered over 17.7k video views, and over 100 comments. The engagement rate for that post alone was roughly 37%.

This year, brands seemed to stick to three main themes during Super Bowl: emotion, humor, and celebrity clout or influence. For example, Google made us all teary-eyed with their commercial about memories. A seemingly widowed husband asked Google to help him remember the beautiful memories he shared with his wife Loretta. The message clearly conveys that Google will always be there to help you remember. According to Business Insider, the effectiveness of the ad spanned far and wide across social media. The commercial was originally posted on their social media accounts six days prior to airing during the Super Bowl and performed significantly better than much of their other content. This is where a brand like Google can use their clout to drive consumers to make purchase decisions and increase their cloud storage so they too, “never forget.” Another fan-favorite was the Cheetos “Can’t Touch This” ad. I know I’m not the only one who has plowed through a bag of Cheetos and then realized I couldn’t touch anything until I washed my hands. The ad was funny and relatable, but Pepsi/ Frito Lay’s social media team started the storyline on social media six days prior to their Super Bowl advert, which created a ton of buzz and high engagement – a great way to target people who wouldn’t be watching the game.

The bottom line from a content marketing perspective is brands who either don’t see the value in or don’t have the means to place a massively overproduced ads on Super Bowl Sunday can find ways to target their audience during key moments in time. Social media has given brands a voice and a place to measure results when it comes to spending money on advertising. We are continually striving to deliver brand messaging in a thoughtful way that garners visibility and awareness from followers on social media. Our brands are successfully entering into big markets with big names, and we are ensuring that they have an equally big seat at the table with content marketing and social media marketing.