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How to Utilize YouTube for Your Brand

How to Utilize YouTube for Your Brand

With the rise in popularity of social media channels with a variety of platforms and uses — TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more — YouTube is still just as great a platform to utilize for your brand. Here, we’ll break down why you shouldn’t sleep on the video giant and how to maximize it for brand visibility.

Why YouTube?
YouTube is a space to express creative freedom and extend your brand story. Your YouTube channel is there to relate to the people you want to attract and push to purchase. Furthermore, creating videos is an excellent way to humanize your brand. Consumers feel personally connected with brands that put out relatable, well-executed content and are more prone to follow along with brands that feel like extensions of their own ethos.

How do I Create Content?
There are many different ways to create content. When creating videos, be sure to keep your brand’s target audience in mind. Many of the top brands’ YouTube channels focus on storytelling, teachable moments from executives, trendy video challenges and, when appropriate, sneak peeks at new launches. Below are some different ways you can generate content.

Partner with Influencers:
Influencers can be used in two ways on YouTube. You can partner with an Influencer to post branded content on their YouTube channel or you can have them create content to live on your brand channel.

Partnering on the Influencer’s Channel: Influencers who have a macro following (above 500k) can bring attention to the brand through a mention on their YouTube channel. Depending on the theme of the video, brand integration can be implemented naturally into the influencer’s content. For example if an individual likes to create food recipe videos, adding in and calling out your product as the main ingredient can bring attention to your brand. Brands must be careful when giving guidelines to influencers on what to say to avoid overly branded content. Since YouTube is video form, many Youtube audiences can tell if their favorite influencer isn’t being genuine and is over-advocating for a brand. To create the perfect Youtube campaign Konnect Agency’s digital team uses our existing relationships and expertise to help brands navigate and negotiate the right influencer partnerships.

Partnering on the Brands Channel: Another way to utilize influencers is to have them post on the brand’s own YouTube channel. This can help drive followers and subcribers to the brand’s page using an influencer’s existing fan base. Brands typically create content that teaches their followers something, and adding an influencer to the mix can extend the brand story and potential customer reach.

In-House Ambassador:
Another approach is to create content in-house. Brands can create in-house studios where they film product shoots and video content. Additionally, brands can hire in-house talent to create their YouTube content and function as the face of the brand, eventually (hopefully) becoming recognized as the face and voice of the service or product you are trying to sell. Bringing on an in-house ambassador can help keep the messaging, look and overall content consistent if managed properly.

Content Creation Studio:
To create high-quality content, some brands look to companies that specialize in creating YouTube videos. They will develop a comprehensive strategy and create all the content designed to live on both theirs and the brand’s social channels. These content creators typically have their own YouTube channels where they highlight brands through selected sponsored partnerships. The partnership is similar to a hybrid of working with a paid influencer and working with a publication for sponsored content. For example: Tasty’s Youtube Channel has many different segments of food videos and implements different brands. AwesomenessTV’s YouTube Channel shares different content series focusing on film.

With everything Youtube has to offer, it’s important to find what will work best for your brand is key. Konnect Agency is here to help you navigate the wild world of YouTube — and all social media channels appropriate for your brand!