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Survive So You Can Thrive

This is the ultimate goal, and you should already be focused on what you will achieve after we get through the CV-19 crisis. Because we will get through it. This crisis has, or soon will, expose the weaknesses in our processes, our culture and our vision. We need to be nimble, creative and motivated, and make improvements. We will focus on the things that matter most. And, we need to understand this deeply so that our teams can rally around this, too.

Your People
Many of our teams are 100% working from home for the very first time. With this, our IT teams and tech resources are more precious to us than ever before. Work with them to ensure your people have what they need to succeed in terms of technology – laptops, devices, wires, dongles, Wi-Fi, etc. There are even companies out there that do short term leases for laptops. And, offer trainings sessions via webinars or ZOOM to get your team up to speed quickly. Focus on the HOW to make it work, because now is the time to trust you team to be your most valuable asset in surviving and thriving.

And, with all the technologies in place, in times like this motivating your team is vital. This means that honesty and transparency are paramount–be open with the need to constantly monitor and change. Lead with your values and communicate with employees often; your employees are people and they’re on edge about what the future holds. Discuss and acknowledge the company’s position, and you’ll find that the more people understand, the more they will be committed to help solve challenges.

Crisis and Reputation Management
Are you willing to risk your reputation and the impact it could have on your business in the future? No? OK, then ensure you are acting as a resource for your people, your customers and your community. Focus PR services and social media messaging on supporting the community, healthcare workers/first responders and small business. Carefully review your upcoming messages: are the tone and content appropriate? And, keep your brand relevant – messaging and stories can be positioned around operational changes, how your brand is innovating and evolving given the CV-19 landscape, how you are helping employees or giving back to the community in creative ways, ways to stay fit, educated, fed, energized and busy while we stay home to stay safe.

Speed, Creativity
A few weeks back, we thought we knew our brand strategy, our culture, our speed of service or producing product; we thought we were creative and motivated. But this global landscape of crisis has shown us the core, the cracks and the crevices of our business – from supply chains to customer needs, business models to demands, and everything in between. We now have deeper clarity of who we are and what makes us different. We have moved at lightning speed to innovate, to create, to dig deeper than ever before for solutions. Because we are truly all in this together, we receive and extend flexibility. Our teams and customers understand. With our honest and transparent communication, they see our motivation to survive and to thrive.

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