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The Importance of Self-Care During Times of Uncertainty

The Importance of Self-Care During Times of Uncertainty

Self-care is important to practice on a regular basis, but due to the recent events of COVID-19 across the globe, self-care is even more critical than usual. Professionals are working from home, homeschooling is now in full swing, laws are changing, and there’s still more to come. Not to mention, it’s safe to say there will be periods of uncertainty in the future, both personally and professionally with “What’s going to happen next?” always top-of-mind. That is why it’s crucial to practice self-care to make the most of work and family responsibilities. Self-care boosts productivity which gives us a sense of wellness and helps us feel resilient and confident.

For professionals working from home, especially those like myself in the world of franchise public relations where media never sleeps, the lines often become blurred between work life and home life. Before you know it, it’s 8:00 pm and you’re still at your desk and have already worked a 12 hours day. This is a slippery slope that can eventually lead to burnout, so to practice self-care by trying to implement the below into your routine.

It’s important to take breaks while working from home, real breaks. Completely disconnect for an hour during your day so you can recharge your batteries and head back to your desk refreshed and ready to be productive. During your break, try:

  • A new recipe for lunch. Though sandwiches are tempting, try a 20-minute meal that is super tasty, delicious and healthy! My go-to lately has been taco bowls with The Meatless Farm Co and RightRice! The entire meal takes 20 minutes and is all plant-based and packed with protein and fiber so it’s super nutritious too!
  • Getting fresh air and go for a walk (take your puppy if you have one).
  • Listening to music.
  • Workout! There are a ton of online workouts like P90X, F45, CorePower’s online Yoga class and more to break up your day a bit.
  • End of day: This may sound silly but hear me out. Set an alarm for 5 o’clock each day so you’re alerted when you’re slated to stop working. If you’re working on something that’s time-sensitive, go ahead and finish. If you’re wrapping up, go ahead and stop. I also like to end my day with a workout, so the lines of work and home are clearly separated. It’s been super helpful!

Now that work time is over, it’s playtime!

Being in the house for extended periods of time isn’t easy for anyone, but people around the globe are making the most of it. We have more time on our hands than ever, so use it to our advantage and do all those things we say we’ll get to but never have time for! It may be virtually, but hey, better late than ever. Take online classes (physical and educational), go on virtual museum tours, attend concerts and other virtual events- all things that are fun and stimulating while spending time at home. Check out the below for some inspiration:

  • Cooking and baking are known to be huge stress relievers. For me, working at a lifestyle public relations agency can sometimes be a handful, so I like to try new cooking and baking recipes after work! Baking is my jam (pun intended), so I love to test new recipes including:
  • Lavender honey ice cream (SO GOOD)
  • Brown butter chocolate chips cookies
  • Double fudge chocolate cake
  • It’s safe to say I’ll need to stick to my workouts.

Speaking of workouts, there are even more virtual workouts to give a try while at home.
• The Sweat App is great for quick at-home workouts
• Kayla Itsines- Sweat with Kayla
• KFC WFH Classes
• Prevail Boxing YouTube live

The workout is over, and you still have a few hours until bedtime. What to do? Add some culture into your life and travel around the world right from your couch through these virtual museum tours:
• Musée d’Orsay Art Gallery: Paris
• Uffizi Gallery: Florence, Italy
• Rijksmuseum: Amsterdam, Netherlands
• And since we all love animals, take a virtual tour of the San Diego Zoo!

So to sum up your day: you worked from home (which included breaks), tried new cooking and baking recipes, did intense home workouts, traveled around the world visiting jaw-dropping art museums and stopped by the San Diego Zoo… busy day! It’s time to relax, aka time to binge-watch a new show on your favorite streaming platform. Need some suggestions?
• Grace & Frankie
• Tiger King
• The Office (obviously)
• Friends (another obvious one)
• American Horror Story
• New Girl
• Love Is Blind
• Tidying Up with Marie Kondo
• Game of Thrones
• Grey’s Anatomy
• Great British Baking Show

VIOLA! An in-depth breakdown of some simple yet helpful ways to practice self-care during times of quarantine. Try to incorporate new activities each day to add a little refreshment to the daily routine. It keeps things exciting and is super beneficial to boost productivity and overall happiness during uncertain times.

-Kristina A.