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Connecting as a Team While Working Remotely

Connecting as a Team While Working Remotely

During this time, it may feel like the world is upside down, especially when we are feeling alone at home, but the truth is no one is ever alone, even in a work setting where working remotely has become the new norm it is a massive transition from what we are used to. As a PR Agency in Los Angeles that values teamwork and collaboration, we still have to keep in mind that we are still continuing to work together as a team to keep each other motivated and engaged in our work during this difficult time. Some companies often struggle to connect as a whole but by connecting as a team while all working remotely, it gives every workplace a chance to build a stronger foundation and relationship with everyone within the team. Now is an important time for companies to work on closing the gap of employees feeling alone by working together and collaborating as a team.

Here are some important ways to maintain visibility in the workspace while working away from the office and to help you and your teams to interact seamlessly:

Be a team player
What does it mean to be a team player? In order to connect as a team and be part of a bigger group, you need to make sure you understand what it means to be a team player. Whether you are working for a company, or part of a sports team, being a team member all share the same characteristics and goal of feeling connected as a whole and working to win results. In a sense, we are all team players working to win a game or even a top press placement for a client. Being connected as a team should bring nothing but positivity to everyone working. A team player makes sure everyone feels recognized and appreciated for their work, knowing that everyone is doing their part and working hard at achieving results. When you are working to be part of a team, you are someone that is willing to be creative, determined, be able to show commitment, and actively listen. As a team player, you are accountable and are willing to help the company and your colleagues with a certain assignment or project and step up to the plate when someone is not taking full responsibility for their job. A team player is also someone who knows when to speak up when they feel like something is wrong or they need help with something. That’s what a team is there for, to help you with possible solutions to correct a problem and help you to become a better problem solver while being the support member that your team needs.

Communicate Regularly with your Team
While working remotely, it is important to check-in or gives updates with your team face-to-face. One of the greatest things about technology is having an abundance of several resources and applications readily available for you to get the virtual interaction that fits what you need. Communicating with your team is important especially at this time to help team members not feel too disconnected in the workspace. Some examples of checking in face to face include virtual video chats with apps such as Zoom and Ring Central or if you don’t prefer a face to face interaction, it is always easy and simple to just pick up the phone and call someone. It is also important to do a constant virtual meeting check-in with your managers and your colleagues so they are aware that you are available no matter what and it also keeps everyone on the same page. Without regular communication and face to face interaction, the foundation to a healthy and strong team doesn’t last.

Team Bonding
Working doesn’t always have to be strictly all about business. There is always room and time for some fun and the perfect work-life balance. While you can’t as seamlessly have watercooler conversations with co-workers, there are other ways to stay connected. Brainstorming creative team bonding strategies will make communicating with the team more fun during a stressful time to lift everyone’s spirits. Team collaborations work most effectively in promoting productivity by improving on different and fun ways we can all work together. It is important to implement ideas and approaches for team bonding to making everyone happy to have a sense of belonging to the team. Team bonding ideas can include fun lunch dates or team happy hours. This also gives you the perfect reason to communicate with a colleague that you don’t normally work with while you are in the office. Bonding with the team virtually also allows you the opportunity to get back into doing things you normally do in the office such as brainstorm sessions, stretch breaks, and even coffee dates with your office neighbor (virtually). Team bonding spreads positivity within the company by building a deeper relationship with your team members.

Knowledge Sharing
Working at a public relations firm, we are always encouraged as a team to share our knowledge. It’s great to keep the team updated with any media updates and staff changes in a world where everything is constantly changing and it’s important and valuable to keep everyone on the same page on any current events. As a team player, sharing your knowledge and connections gives you more of an opportunity for yourself to learn something new, speak up within the company and share it with the team so everyone can benefit from it.

All these aspects of working on connecting as a team will help any company’s foundation become stronger every day. At a time when people may be feeling alone while working remotely, at the end of the day you are part of a team where everyone is working together and has the same goal to achieve amazing results. By working together as a team, you also build a stronger appreciation for your team members who are there to constantly remind you that help is always there for you when you need it.

We’re all in this together,