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Building Growth-Ready Branding for the Modern World with a Creative Agency

April 13, 2022

But I’ve Got a Logo, So Why Do I Need a Creative Agency to Help with Branding?

What technically is a “brand”? Although a logo is central to a brand, a brand isn’t just your logo, it’s all the things that make up the external personification of your business. From the way you sound to the way you look and feel, it’s the vehicle by which your audience experiences you. The best brands start with knowing who you are, who you’re not, and knowing your real audience, not just who you think they are – and that’s where our branding process comes in.

Strong Branding Starts with Strong Research and Listening from your Creative Agency

There’s a reason why we start every branding process with strategic questions and research. Our brand discovery process begins with a deep dive to help us find out what you really need and the why and how behind your company. We take time to get to know your team and your product and help bring both alignments and disagreements within your team to light so that in the end up you end up with a brand that is truly you, one that resonates with and impassions your internal team and your audience.

A Strong Modern Branding System Is…


In a world where tech, devices, and trends are ever-changing, it’s important that your logo and surrounding brand kit have everything you need to keep up as platforms evolve. Brand kits can include wordmarks, icons or symbols, favicons icon families – all made to work well in a wide variety of sizes and scenarios.

Rooted in Truth

We believe the most memorable brands resonate because they’re rooted in truth. Our process uncovers what is good, unique and original about your company, which allows us to craft a brand and message that lets those things shine through.


The homogenization of brands following too closely to trends or industry tropes has led to increased noise and confusion within the marketplace. With logos being offered from everyone from your third cousin to the design agency offering too good to be true templatized designs, it’s important to follow a process and put in the work to make sure you really stand out and stand out for the right reasons.


Through our branding process, we help you look ahead of the initial ask and make sure that we’re setting your brand up for future success. Some of these additional pieces can include things like custom icon sets, exercises and styles for messaging, illustrations, and photography styles.

Final Thoughts on Branding from our Creative Agency

In the end, you want to choose a branding partner that listens, takes the time and does the research needed to create a brand that’s ready to grow with you – a brand that clarifies and amplifies your place in the market and works as rocket fuel for authentic community. Whether you’re needing a ground-up brand process or looking to take what you currently have and move it firmly into the future, we’re here with the skills and passion to help bring your brand to life.

Looking for a creative agency? Konnect with us to learn how we’ve helped other build and expand flexible modern brands that convert.

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