Fishpeople is the leading purveyor of pure, sustainable and traceable fish directly from proud, small-scale fishermen. Fishpeople’s mission is to change consumers’ relationship with the sea by making the freshest, best tasting and most responsibly sourced seafood accessible to consumers in convenient, easy-to-use, wildly delicious chef-crafted meal options.

Our Assignment

In order to elevate the Fishpeople brand, Konnect executed a strategic PR campaign that increased overall brand awareness – mission, philosophy and quality – among consumers. While the Fishpeople brand is built on the elements of sustainability and transparency, consumer knowledge of both terms is limited and trust within the seafood industry is decreasing.

2017 Results
56+ million
impressions in consumer, lifestyle and trade publications
15 Key Placements
stories with ‘sustainability’ and/or ‘traceability’ within the headline

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