About Content Creation

Today, marketing and public relations stem from three types of content: earned, owned and paid. At Konnect, we help clients secure, procure and develop content based on specific business goals and needs. As a food & beverage public relations agency we aid clients in developing recipes, engaging graphics and more. As a franchise PR agency we work with our clients to create on-brand copy and in-store marketing materials. As a lifestyle public relations firm we create social media posts and copy for influencer campaigns. Whatever the need may be, Konnect has designated specialists in each area of content creation to ensure that we are providing clients with high quality content that can be pushed out internally and externally. Content is the backbone of marketing and public relations, and our professional services offer clients the ability to stay current and relevant with new and exciting content in a number of formats.

Content creation services include:

Konnect does research to become fully knowledgeable about brand goals and voice, all of which leads to content that truly adds value to any marketing or public relations campaign.

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