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How a PR Agency Can Help Maximize Exposure During Your Funding Announcement

November 8, 2021

PR Agency Provides Resources to Stand Out in a Record High Investment Year

2021 has been notorious for its high volume of investments and as a result, the financial media landscape is rapidly adjusting. According to a Crunchbase News report, in just the first half of 2021, global venture funding shattered records with more than $288-billion invested worldwide. After the previous year of uncertainty, investors have rapidly emerged ready to make exciting business moves. With this record-breaking increase, PR agencies have pivoted their strategies to reflect the crowded investor market and have created a successful plan to navigate and elevate the partners and brands to maximize exposure. More importantly, these PR tactics will allow your funding announcement to be in the appropriate hands for those sought-after quality media placements and targeted exposure.

Why Work With a PR Agency For Your Funding Announcement

Future B2B Opportunities

If your investment firm is looking to expand their portfolio of brands and catch the eye of start-ups looking for their next big move, PR provides support not only in the national business market but in hyper-targeted financial, private equity and venture capital media outlets. This niche outreach allows the opportunity to not only share your current funding round but secure future business through these industry publications, as seen in VC News Daily, PE Hub, and Wall Street Journal Pro PE. Offering interviews with key players in the recent funding round to the writers at these targeted outlets add color and context to these stories and allows future businesses to put a face to your notable work. These opportunities allow the investing partners to take the lead of their narrative and be put in the spotlight within the financial space. A PR agency provides ultimate media training for investors to ensure your accomplishments are showcased how you envision them.

Set-Up For Long-Term Success

Investing in a start-up brand is an exhilarating moment and PR agencies provide the initial support by introducing the brand to the national market. We are dedicated to the long-term success of these brands, just like you, and provide opportunities for thought-leadership features and inclusion in priority outlets, such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, as we maximize the exposure for both the brand and investors. We understand the brand’s success runs parallel to your success, PR provides in-depth media training for start-up brands to help guide them as they learn their brand voice and become more visible to the media masses. A PR agency is experienced in providing key messaging and talking points to ensure your new business investment is confident as they navigate the new world of media.

Cut Through the Investment Noise

Using PR resources allows investors to break through the noise of the crowded financial space and stay top of mind to priority outlets. PR agencies can easily identify the correct contact at your targeted publications to reach your needs and provide that maximize exposure. Utilizing our experience and long-term relationships, we go right to the source and cut through the non-responsive parties. We provide strategic plans and pivot quickly when necessary to get ahead of writers’ editorial schedules by proactively contacting priority outlets no less than fourteen days prior to the announcement. Researching current events, upcoming trends, and news cycles within the financial space will all determine ways to maximize your funding news.

Key Takeaways

  • A PR agency is an expert in the space and will provide not only immediate ROI but brand awareness and longevity in the financial space.
  • A PR agency maximizes your visibility by keeping your name top-of-mind to targeted markets and brands searching for their ideal investor while setting your new investment up for ultimate success.
  • A PR agency provides media guidance and training to ensure key messaging is always aligned and media are able to highlight your current and future successes.
  • A PR agency allows your firm and new investment to become a sought-after name in the financial sector in multiple areas from hyper-targeted PE and VC markets to gaining visibility within regional and national business publications.
  • A PR agency actively prepares for quick navigation in a crowded and known market by mapping out a strategy with multiple avenues.

Final Thoughts

At Konnect Agency, we understand the financial space and have been working alongside private equity and venture capital partners for years, building our expertise in pivoting in the fast-paced world of the financial market. Our service goes beyond a one-dimensional strategy, we support your future business endeavors and provide counsel for new investments who need guidance. Konnect has created an experienced and knowledgeable team of financial experts who are prepared to expand your reach and partner with you in the future.

Interested in PR support for your next funding announcement? Konnect with us to learn more about our work and how we can maximize your next investment.

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