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How a PR Agency Lands Successful Press for the Holiday Season

July 6, 2022

This year, 37% of US shoppers plan to buy holiday gifts earlier to take advantage of sales starting as early as July, according to a recent Salesforce report. Top-tier media coverage during this important sales season can ensure you reach your sales goals and stand out amongst the noise. As brands look to discuss when and how to build a successful PR plan for the upcoming holiday season, it is more important than ever to partner with a PR agency to get ahead of the news cycle and think strategically on how to position clients with key media contacts.

Strategically Plan to Secure Press Leading Into the Holidays with a PR Agency

Landing top-tier press around the holiday season goes beyond a beautifully written pitch and a client’s innovative product. Understanding the media landscape and the importance of timing outreach to align with the media’s needs are essential when securing top-of-the-line placements. An excellent PR agency will set the stage in the early Summer to align on long-lead outreach for print inclusions and navigate the busy news cycle in the Fall to break through the noise for short-lead placements.

A PR Agency Can Nurture Media Relationships Throughout the Year to Be Top of Mind for Holiday Features

With any big moment in time or holiday, writers are overwhelmed with pitches from PR agencies and brands alike in hopes of having their products placed during a high-traffic consumer buying period. During these times it is imperative to connect with media friendlies that the PR agency has been nurturing over the years to be able to successfully tap into their inbox and catch their attention.

Building a Long Lead PR Plan To Optimize Timing

It can feel overwhelming to already be thinking of the holiday season during the summer months but to ensure a PR agency is doing its diligence to vet these opportunities, long-lead outreach can start as early as June. Creating a well-prepared PR plan — one that includes relevant pitch angles for long-lead print messaging in addition to a complete media kit of high-resolution images, confirmed product launch dates for the current year, and finalized MSRP to share with media contacts— is essential when attracting the right writer for these opportunities.

Think Outside of Traditional Pitching

Pitching is an important process for media relations but other creative solutions can connect the dots for media when learning about new brands and their products. Creating a well-thought-out media mailer delivered to tier A media gives them an at-home experience with new, existing, and soon-to-be-shelved products from your client. With the inclusion of brand messaging, a specific call to action, and personalized touches throughout, this branded tactic will go a long way when media are determining the best brands for their editorial needs.

Breaking Through the Noise to Land Quality Placements with Short Lead Outreach

Often the last-minute scramble to land holiday press for clients is the most important in terms of quantity and quality, since many writers will be assigned quick turnaround deadlines at this time. Having those key media relationships are even more essential when writers’ inboxes are crowded with pitches from other PR agencies and continuing to be top of mind as they finalized their holiday roundups.

Schedule Time to Connect

Knowing time is of the essence for these sometimes 24-hour deadlines, a suggested tactic is offering an in-person or virtual brainstorming session with media. Having this quality face time with key contacts will not only help the writer find creative ways to weave clients’ products into their holiday roundups but will continue nurturing the relationship for future opportunities. Come prepared to these sessions with launch dates and strong product messaging but remember in order to build these relationships we want to encourage a casual, friendly conversation.

Take Advantage of All Your Resources

Substack newsletters have given PR agencies a reliable resource for first-hand knowledge of exactly what writers are requesting for their upcoming stories. Subscribing and monitoring these newsletters are an excellent way to source short-lead opportunities for key moments and holidays.

As the media landscape continuously changes, PR agencies have recognized the importance of social media connections with key media contacts. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are now used routinely to post upcoming editorial needs and press requests for stories and it is highly recommended these platforms are monitored daily.

Q4 Planning for Ultimate Holiday Success

A PR agency works diligently with clients to ensure the most success during the highest traffic moments surrounding the holidays. Q4 planning begins in the summer months when long-lead opportunities begin to trickle into inboxes to ensure the PR agency and client are well prepared to fulfill media requests when securing top-tier placements. A PR agency, like Konnect Agency, will bring exciting, adventurous and results-driven ideas to the table when finalizing Q4 plans to bring products and the brand to life. This planning period sets up the PR agency for guaranteed success before active outreach begins.

The holiday season, when strategically planned, is an exciting, fast-paced, and sale-driven time that is essential for brands to start Q1 on the right foot. Konnect Agency is experienced and well versed in creating beautiful results for clients seen in print, online, and brand experience. Driven by past holiday success, Konnect Agency continues to drive results for new and existing clients.

Need help with your holiday campaigns? Konnect with us.

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