Level Up with a Brand Book Crafted by a Creative Agency

September 2, 2022

What’s a brand book, when do I need one, and how can a creative agency help?

A brand book can mean many things to many people, but the central idea is it is a “bible” that you set up for your brand that becomes a guiding light for everything your brand does. They can contain everything from logo usage do’s and don’ts to colors, messaging filters, photographic and illustration styles and typographic guides. At Konnect we believe the best brand books are built as an easy reference guide and are evergreen, rooted in strategy and built with the future in mind.

A creative agency-fueled map for your brand’s many endeavors

The foundational reason for having a brand book is to make everyone that has to work on your brand’s life’s easier and make sure your brand is always represented in the proper light. In a modern world where a brand’s graphic and messaging needs are ever changing, a brand book is an important foundation— a set of filters that help you to know when you’re on track and when you’re not. Don’t think of it as shackles for your brand but instead as a knowledge base from which you can explore with a firmer footing.

The best brand books start with strategy

There’s a reason more brands don’t have great brand books, it’s hard to step out of your day to day grind to make the time to set standards and guides for your future selves while your current selves are caught up in the now. That’s where a creativity agency can help. Starting your brand book journey with a strategy-driven creative agency insures that your brand book isn’t just a pretty showpiece but a useable guidebook that breaks down your brand in a way that’s easily digestible and equips passionate ambassadors of your brand.

A few ways a brand book can make your life easier:

  • Clearer messaging that reflects your brand
  • Direction on Tone & Voice
  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Imagery suggestions
  • A library of core graphic elements
  • Brand colors and fonts, plus their rules for usage

Built in the now with the future in mind

What you leave out of a brand book can be as important as what you leave in. Some brand books can get over-prescriptive to the point where they feel more like a burden and ultimately won’t get used. At Konnect we help you look into your crystal ball through deep conversations and a wealth of experience to create an evergreen brand strategy that really works— now and as your brand grows. This means flexible branding and messaging that is rooted in simplicity but capable of great complexity.

So when’s the right time to start your brand book journey?

While it varies from brand to brand and situation to situation, a brand book can be very helpful from day 1. Other popular times to start a brand book are when your organization is experiencing a time of extreme growth or change and have noticed that off brand items are slipping through the cracks. Whatever your current situation, we have the expertise to help you evaluate the current state of your brand and create the building blocks to equip your brand for the future you have in mind and beyond.

So what are you waiting for? Konnect with us to start your journey to a firm brand foundation today.

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