Mrs. Fields:

Maximizing Earned Media For Holidays


Mrs. Fields is the first cookie franchise. Having been in business for over 40 years, they’ve built a loyal following. But, many of today’s consumers are not familiar with or have forgotten the brand as other dessert-focused franchises have entered the market over time.

The Challenge

National holidays present an opportunity for earned media visibility, but with strong competition on National Cookie Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and the like, Mrs. Fields is not the shiny, new brand in town. We were charged with finding ways to gain share of voice and position Mrs. Fields as THE go-to cookie shop.

The Solution

We developed a program to increase brand visibility and appeal in order to boost online gifting efforts, in-store sales and franchise system growth within existing and emerging markets. This program includes product seeding and creative deliveries to broadcast media such as cookie villages, cookies with screen-printed photos of hosts/anchors, heart-shaped cookies and other seasonal

and thematic product offerings tied to themes such as Star Wars, The Bachelor, July 4th and more. This has been instrumental in our products being featured in high-tier, national coverage with ABC World News Now, Fox Business and Yahoo! Finance since we partnered up in 2017.

The Proof

The proof is in the pudding, er, cookie. As just one example, our program has been instrumental in year-over-year growth and in-store lift, with an 80% increase from the previous year during National Cookie Day. Each year, we’ve seen overall exponential (over 100%) growth in total media impressions. Our results also included regular national online placements in Today, BuzzFeed, People, USA Today, Newsweek, Parade, Food & Wine, and various regional broadcast outlets across the country and coverage in 100% of the brand’s key growth markets.

Let’s Build Something Big

Our next big thing may be your next big thing.

Our Process

Our process is iterative—and it’s never really “done”. While there are many steps that go into a successful campaign, there are a few key steps that we do in the best client partnerships—setting us and you up for success long into the future.

Audit + Gather Requirements

We take a deep dive into first-party data and consumer research to understand your brand and how we can make the biggest impact.

Align on Strategy + Goals

We meet with key stakeholders and align your brand’s business goals to create a clear and actionable path forward.


We strategically launch each piece of your campaign to ensure we reach your consumer at each phase of the buying cycle.

Track + Learn

We track, measure and report KPIs that matter most, developing a powerful formula to scale and drive future success.


Leveraging our own expertise and the use of powerful tools we optimize your campaigns at every touchpoint to drive results.

How We’ll Work Together

Rooted in Strategy

Everything we do is rooted in strategy, providing clear and actionable direction at every touchpoint and interaction.

Collaborative partner

You don’t need another vendor. We’re a partner, enabler, and true collaborator cultivating new ideas and a clear path forward.

Iterative process...

Our process is iterative — and is never really “done”. Every brand is unique and in a fast — moving digital world we must be agile.

Outcomes over everything

We are hyper — focused when it comes to achieving results and from day — one our line of sight is on positive business outcomes.

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