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HomeAway Super Bowl ad went too far?

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year? The remodeled kitchen from Bud Light? How about the HomeAway commercial where a baby appears to be smashed against a glass wall? Well if this was too crass for your taste, you’re not the only one. After hundreds of complaints from angry customers who thought the […]

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The Commercial Craze

It’s pretty amazing how little 30-second spots could amass such massive buzz and heavy news coverage weeks before the actual event. Yes, we’re talking about none other than the coveted Super Bowl commercials. As an LA publicist, it’s my duty to pay attention, as a viewer, it’s my pleasure. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest football […]

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Super Bowl & Social Media

It’s almost that time of the year again, where we gather in front of an enormous television to tune in to the Super Bowl. We all watch for some reason, let it be the actual game, half time, commercials, or maybe it’s just a pool. Recently I came across an article in The New York […]

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