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Hi there, As Kim previously stated, LOVE is in the air at this PR agency as Valentine’s Day is only THREE days away. Hopefully you have already purchased a special gift for that special person, as the days are quickly counting down. For those of you who have avoided the love bug for a while, […]

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Happy Wednesday Fellow Publicists!

For making it to the midweek point today, this Los Angeles publicist rewarded herself with this bad boy from Towne Food & Drink:           This delicious piece of red velvet goodness came from the new(ish) restaurant down the street!  After picking up lunch with some of my fellow publicists, we decided […]

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Cookie Monsters Unleashed!

Someone please pinch me, because I am in la la land after trying the new and very delicious cookies from Isabella’s Cookie Company. Today, our public relations firm received the new Dirty Snowball and Little Baby Ginger cookies which looked and smelled amazing. We all swarmed the package, ripped the seal and scarfed down almost […]

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