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Awesome when press comes out over the weekend…

Kendra texted me today all excited about the awesome Kembrel post that came out on Seventeen Magazine’s website – so I found it appropriate to mention it on our own blog tonight. Check out the link below for the scoop: http://www.seventeen.com/cosmogirl/kembrel-online-facebook-shopping Yup- we love it when press comes out over the weekend- it’s like IT.NEVER.STOPS. Have a […]

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What one can do with a Flip…

I’ve been promising everyone to actually use my Flip and take some fun shots of Konnect PR so everyone can see where we spend most of our day- and by that i mean- 12 hours or more (remember- the glam life of a publicist….) With that said, check out the really unprofessional video below- notice […]

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