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Four Reasons You Should Hire a Social Media Agency

October 7, 2021

Time Spent on Social Media continues to Grow.

Social media has become such an integral part of our lives and we’re willing to bet that your customer is active on most of the popular platforms. A recent study by Statista showed that typically social media users browsed their social channels for an average of 145 minutes per day in 2020. That’s 145+ opportunities to connect with your customer daily— but how?

A good social strategy is made up of many moving parts, and a social media agency will help you build a robust organic and paid strategy that will ensure you are staying top of mind for your customer, building brand awareness, and fostering trust and relationships with your current customer base. To ensure you are checking all the boxes, a social media agency can help you with the following essential tasks:

  • Strategy and Execution- The planning and posting of content across various social platforms
  • Content Creation- Creating videos, photography, and graphics to share
  • Community Management- Answering customer inquiries and fostering community on channels
  • Reporting and Evaluation- Tracking key KPIs and using data to make informed strategy decisions
  • Paid Campaigns- Reach specific segments of your audience with paid messaging

Four Reasons to Hire a Social Media Agency

With the many moving parts that go into a successful social media strategy, many businesses find it helpful to hire a social media agency to ensure they are meeting their goals. Here are just a few ways that investing in a social media agency can benefit your marketing goals:

Invest in Expertise

Social media is an ever-changing landscape and what works this week may change with next week’s algorithm update. Social media agencies are dedicated to learning the ins and outs of social media on a daily basis for their clients. That focus allows them to be on top of trending topics, and algorithm changes. They keep on top of growing new platforms like TikTok and can best advise on if and how your brand should participate. Their expertise will provide guidance on where, when, and how your brand should be posting across social channels.

Agencies also have the ability to provide an outside look at your brand and can help innovate and bring new ideas to the table. Their insight into future trends can help create campaigns that will keep your brand top of mind for consumers and ahead of the curve of your competitors.

Lastly, agencies are experts at analyzing social data. They can help your team decipher analytics and use those insights to shape future campaigns and social postings.

Saves You Time

Keeping up with a successful social media presence is a full-time job. Creating content, posting it on the appropriate platforms, and responding to customers can be a time-consuming task. Hiring a social media agency can take these tasks off your plate, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Maximize Resources for Your Budget

When you hire an agency, you are hiring a team of experts, including graphic designers, community managers, social media strategists, and paid social specialists. This allows you to have a team of experts with deep knowledge in their specific skillset and access to things you may not be able to produce in-house like photoshoots or video creation.

Additionally, agencies will have access to tools that may be costly to factor into your budget. They use tools like social media management platforms that allow them to schedule content at the best possible time for engagement or track community management interactions. These tools also come with robust analytics that provide insight into your customer base and can track your competitors.

Best Utilize Paid Budgets

With so many channels and ad types, figuring out where and how to spend your social ad dollars can be a challenge. Agencies have paid social media specialists who spend every day building, executing, and monitoring social ads for clients across industries. They know how to distribute spend to get the best ROI and they are up-to-date on changing regulations, back-end updates, and new trends.

Final Thoughts

In the end, social media is here to stay and brands must be present and active across platforms to remain top of mind for their target market. An agency can help ensure that you are investing your time and resources into the right strategies, and have the right tools, expertise, and know-how to provide a higher ROI on your efforts. Here at Konnect, we work hard every day to create stand-out content, foster community for our clients on social channels, and promote engagement to help our clients meet their goals.

Looking for a social media agency? Konnect with us to learn more about our work and how we’ve helped other brands build engaged audiences across social media platforms.

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