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Four Ways a Social Media Agency Can Support Your Thought Leadership Strategy

August 10, 2022

“Thought leadership” is a buzzy phrase that is often thrown around in business circles, but when executed correctly it can be very beneficial in driving awareness and trust for your brand. A solid thought leadership content strategy is more than just writing a few articles, it’s about connection and providing value to your audience through various mediums and efforts. Working with a social media agency can help you get that content you worked so hard on in front of a broader audience and build an established voice across platforms.

Why is social media a key part of your thought leadership strategy and how a social media agency can help

A well-rounded thought leadership content strategy features everything from articles and blog posts to podcast appearances. So much effort goes into each of these tactics that you want to ensure you are getting these messages in front of as many eyes as possible— that’s where a social media strategy comes in. Repurposing and sharing your content on social media ensures you are getting it in front of a broader audience, and more importantly the audience that can make an impact on your business— LinkedIn reports having 65+ million business decision makers on their platform.

With so many platforms, post topics, and algorithms to manage it can quickly become a time-consuming part of your day. Working with a social media agency will take managing the ins and outs of your strategy off your plate – freeing you up to manage the additional business that will come in from the extra awareness.

Four ways a Social Media Agency will strengthen your thought leadership strategy

Identify Which Platforms to Focus On

From LinkedIn to TikTok, there are many platforms that you can utilize to get your message out there. The key is to pick the right platforms for your audience and goals. When first starting your thought leadership strategy on social media you want to be strategic in picking the platforms that you utilize. Keeping your goals in mind, a social media agency can conduct an audit of your existing social media platforms, audience demographics, and your competitor’s strategies to formulate a plan that will bring the best ROI.

Research Trends and Topics

Once you’ve identified your platforms, it’s time to determine what to post. When crafting a content plan, you will want to focus on what you know but also keep content timely. An agency is on these platforms every day consuming content and paying attention to all the latest trends. They can ensure you aren’t missing anything important in your niche or opportunities to comment on newsworthy conversations.

Since an agency has insider knowledge of what is trending on a platform, they can provide insight on new formats, algorithm changes, and more that will keep you ahead of your competition.

Publication and Community Management

The work doesn’t end once you have crafted a compelling content strategy— there are still things like posting cadence, best times to post, and quick response times to consider. A social media agency can assist with crafting a content calendar that has a cadence that will keep you top of mind with your audience but not overwhelm them.

An agency can also manage incoming content messages and comments on your content. Social media is ‘social’ so you want to ensure that your audience feels like there is prompt two-way communication.

Repurpose and Reuse

Once you have created a stellar piece of content, you can repurpose and reuse this across different channels to increase your reach. For example, if you did a fantastic podcast episode, you can write a blog about the key learnings from the episode or turn sound bites into a graphic to share on LinkedIn. This allows you to really drive your message home in a variety of mediums and gets you the best ROI on your time. An agency can work with you to craft content that has longevity and is able to be repurposed across platforms. They can also assist you in breaking up that content and utilizing it in the format that best works for each platform.

Bringing it all together

A strong thought leadership strategy on social can put you ahead of your competitors and give you greater visibility within your industry. This is best done with a full 360 strategy that includes PR, social media, and more. At Konnect Agency, we help clients craft thoughtful articles for key publications or develop a blog strategy every day, while then helping them amplify their message to an even broader audience on social media.

Are you looking for help crafting the perfect social media strategy to compliment your thought leadership efforts? Konnect with us.

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