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How CPG Brands Can Increase Brand Visibility by Working with a Creative Agency

April 13, 2022

The left-brained are people we admire. Color and art come easy to them. They are a word cloud and a mood board personified. They are folks you want on your team because, in the age of digital and social, a creative, colorful well-constructed piece of marketing can draw in an audience and lead them to buy your product again and again. We also know that these campaigns take time and resources. So how can a brand create engaging and lasting content to stand out in today’s crowded landscape? That’s where working with a creative agency comes in.

Working With A Creative Agency

There’s more to good creative than a colorful piece of artwork. Creatives are well-oiled machines who take your goals and turn them into deliverables that provide ROI. But it starts with that idea— being able to visualize, conceptualize and bring to life an idea written down on paper that draws in your prospective buyer is something that is best done with a team of experts. Creatives are on the pulse of what’s trending but are also able to think outside the box. Having a creative agency assisting your marketing team can lead to greater visibility, engagement, and sales.

A creative agency can implement a number of tactics to help your product or overall brand reach new levels of visibility.

Trust Your Creative Agency to Deliver These Four Things

Building a Solid Brand Strategy

A creative agency can help build your holistic brand story — the vision and perception you want consumers to remember. This should always be the driver of your strategy when creating your marketing calendars. The digital landscape is always changing, and if you don’t change with it, your brand can easily lose the visibility it worked so hard to gain. The first part of the puzzle is creating the assets to build your visibility; next, come the tactics that will help you optimize. Take a graphic for example. Say that graphic sees strong traction and engagement on social – what can you do next to elevate it? Your creative agency might suggest tailoring the graphic with a compelling key message, and restructuring it into an ad format to push on web. If that continues to perform, use it as an asset in your monthly newsletter.

This type of repetition is powerful, whether to new customers or returning, to help bring structure and familiarity to your brand story. Your creative team will deliver content that is memorable, yet tailored to your customer and the platform they are viewing it on. This type of customization can lead to purchases, loyalty, and visibility — it’s all about taking the puzzle pieces a brand already has, fitting them together, and selling them to a customer, complete with a strong narrative.

Creating Compelling Photoshoots

Photoshoots are the lifeblood of your marketing efforts. Product shots are what entice your customer to purchase and how they are shot and styled depends on how they will be utilized. For example, a photo shot for social media will differ from a photo shot for your website or product catalog. The right photography is an integral piece of the puzzle and can help solidify your brand persona. Simply take a look at these two accounts, both orchestrated by Konnect’s creative team: Zesty Paws gives off a colorful, approachable, and informative vibe in its product-focused creative, whereas Alex’s Awesome Sourdough, while also colorful, has a lot of food-centric graphics and images meant to awaken your hunger — thus making you more eager to purchase.

By scheduling regular photoshoots, you can ensure you are supplied with content ahead of all major holidays, always have content to fill your social feed, and supplement your marketing efforts.

Cultivating Content Based on Strategic Insights

As part of the edification process, a creative agency should continually be collecting insights from brand analytics (social engagement, influencer effectiveness, ROAS, etc…) to best understand if the content that is being created is moving the needle for the consumer. If your demographic isn’t engaging in the content, there is an onus on the creative agency to deliver a strategy adjustment based on the numbers, so your company can reach its goals. One example is to assess all social profiles and learn what types of content are performing strongest. Is it the assets that play on humor and pop culture or is it influencer reposts, product shots, and co-branded giveaways? Understanding the numbers and delivering a solution will help refine your strategy to best grow your brand visibility in all the right places. Similarly, a creative agency can identify areas for further growth, such as a LinkedIn presence or beginning a conversation around a larger re-brand.

Owning Your Space

To be a successful brand, you have to capitalize on what you do best. The one place you have the opportunity to really sell your customer on your product and push purchases is your website. Whether you’re an emerging brand that is looking for a website or a longstanding company looking to make a splash with a new landing page — creative agencies are the answer. It is no surprise that 94% of consumers said a website needs to be easy to navigate for it to hold their attention long enough to be pulled into the sales funnel, let alone, purchase.

Additionally, 91% say that visuals are equally as important as product descriptions. When it comes to visuals, nearly 40% of consumers ranked color as the most impactful part of the design on a business website. Konnect took all of this into consideration during the development of the brand new website for Hoplark 0.0. With bright bursts of color, interactive elements, and clear calls to action the website launched the product with a clear and compelling message.

Interested in partnering with a creative agency? Konnect with us to learn how we’ve helped brands build brand awareness and push sales through strong creative.

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