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Increasing Sales Through Social Media with the Help of a Social Media Agency

December 8, 2021

Social Media Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that can lead to increased leads and sales. In fact, in 2021, $153.7 billion in sales have come from social media and this is expected to grow to $229.6 billion by 2025. While the prospect of increasing sales through social media is appealing, it does take a lot of time and effort to be effective. Keep reading to find out how you can have your cake and eat it too – increase revenue and save time when you work with a social media agency.

Creating and Understanding Social Media Conversion Ads With Help from a Social Media Agency

A well-developed paid social conversion campaign consists of a full campaign strategy to increase awareness of your brand, showcase your industry expertise, and expand viewers’ product knowledge — which can all lead to an increased likelihood of sales. Enlisting the help of a social media agency can make this process simple while ensuring desired results. The agency will work with you directly to develop this campaign from start to finish, including designing and developing engaging ads, creating the right target audience, and analyzing the data to determine success.

Your social media agency can help you develop conversion ads

A conversion ad lives within a campaign that is optimized for a specific result. One example of a conversion ad is product sales within shopping conversion ads. These shopping ads can include product spotlights that can link directly to specific products on your website, or can even be purchased directly through an in-app shop.

While conversion ads may seem simple, there’s so much more to creating conversion ads than just taking a picture of a product and putting a few dollars behind it. As with any advertising campaign, it is important to start by developing the right strategy to include multiple ads and audiences to ensure you are best reaching viewers in every step of the buyer’s journey from prospecting to retargeting. A winning strategy also includes engaging creative and messaging to properly showcase your brand and products at each stage of the buying process. When executed correctly, Facebook and Instagram ads show an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4-5x their initial investment.

Working with an integrated marketing agency like Konnect will allow you to sit back and enjoy the benefits of social media advertising without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Through a comprehensive strategy, defined audiences and engaging clients we were able to help drive sales during November, one of the busiest and most competitive times of the year for one of our clients in the Pet Supplement space. Our full-funnel strategy brought in over $117,000 in sales with a ROAS of over 6.6x!

What platforms offer shopping capabilities?

Facebook and Instagram both offer in-app shopping capabilities through Facebook and Instagram Shops. These personalized and branded storefronts receive roughly 130 million clicks each month with an average order of $65. Products listed on these shops can include product information such as price, sale price, description, multiple images, ratings, and more to offer the best shopping experience for the buyer. These stores also allow brands to create collections within the shop to better categorize products.

Pinterest offers in-app purchasing through the use of buyable pins. These are pins chosen by the brand and tagged as “shoppable,” so that users can purchase the item from a post in their feed. These pins can be customized to include product information such as price, sale price, description, and ratings. Users are currently unable to shop directly on Pinterest but will be sent to the product page on the brand’s website.

Snapchat and TikTok do not currently offer direct shoppable capabilities, however, ads can link directly to any page or product page within a brand’s website to promote shopping online purchases.

Even if direct shopping isn’t available on a platform, one of the major benefits of utilizing social media advertising is the ability to get directly in front of your target audience. It is suggested to advertise on multiple platforms so you reach this audience in the right place at the right time when they’re more likely to convert. While it’s tempting to focus all resources on one platform, it’s important to consider members of your target audience may not use that specific platform as much as another. For this reason, it’s incredibly beneficial to spread your reach across multiple platforms in order to maximize potential conversions.

Your social media agency can help translate the results

After you’ve developed social media conversion ads, your social media agency will analyze the results in order to determine their success and understand what may need to be updated moving forward. Here are some key analytics your social media agency should report on:

  • ROAS – Return on ad spend shows sales over ad spend
  • Impressions – The number of times your ad was seen
  • Reach – The number of unique individuals who saw your ad
  • Frequency and Ad Fatigue – The number of times your ad was seen by one individual. If this number is too high, the individual may develop a negative view of the ad
  • View Content – An individual clicked into a specific product on your website but did not move forward in the checkout process
  • Add to Cart – An individual added products to their cart but did not complete checkout
  • Initiate Checkout – An individual started the checkout process but did not complete
  • Conversion – An individual purchased an item(s) as a direct result of your social media shopping ad
  • Purchase Conversion Value – The value of purchases that came directly from your social media shopping ads

Final Thoughts

Social media conversion ads offer the ultimate convenience when it comes to advertising your products. Not only can the perfect buyer learn about your products right on their desktop or mobile device, but conversion ads open the opportunity for them to purchase in just a few clicks. If you’re ready to start boosting your sales and brand awareness dramatically, but don’t have the time or expertise to develop social conversion ads, it’s time to consider working with a social media agency.

Looking for a social media agency? Konnect with us to learn more about our work and how we’ve helped other brands build engaged audiences across social media platforms.

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