Lenny & Larry’s BOSS Experiential Marketing:


Established in 1993, Lenny & Larry’s, LLC specializes in the production and marketing of snack items. Leveraging plant-based ingredients, the company has crafted a popular line of vegan protein cookies that come in a variety of flavors including chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and double chocolate.

The Challenge

Launching the groundbreaking products of the BOSS line into the market posed a considerable challenge, not least because of the highly competitive nature of the industry at that time. To carve out a distinctive space in a then-saturated market, it was imperative to underscore the innovative aspects of the high-protein, low-sugar treats that BOSS was offering. The challenge lay not just in having brought to the fore the unique selling points of the products, but also in having created a narrative that would resonate with a health-conscious demographic that was constantly inundated with a myriad of choices. This endeavor required a deep understanding of the target audience’s preferences and a meticulous approach to storytelling, aiming to capture both the novelty and the nutritional benefits of the products effectively.

The Solution

In a bid to amplify awareness of the BOSS line and its groundbreaking products, Konnect embarked on a strategic journey to introduce a high-protein, low-sugar treat into the market. Leveraging a splashy, omnichannel approach, Konnect crafted a campaign that not only caught the eye but also resonated deeply with our target demographic. A cornerstone of this strategy was the creation of unique video content, a rich medium through which Konnect could vividly bring to life the unparalleled benefits of our offerings. This content became a versatile tool, finding a home across our owned channels where it played a pivotal role in narrating the BOSS story. Moreover, to further extend our reach and foster genuine engagement, Konnect forged partnerships with fitness influencers and enthusiasts. This collaborative effort allowed us to tap into pre-established audiences, introducing them to a treat that dovetails perfectly with a healthy, active lifestyle, and in turn, nurturing a community of brand advocates and loyal customers.

The Proof

Konnect delivered a spectacle that redefined product launch through a blazing partnership between Lenny and Larry’s, MudGirl, a Ninja Warrior legend, viral YouTube fitness sensations, and an army of fitness fanatics, to celebrate Lenny and Larry’s newest innovation in its’ BOSS! line-up. From top-tier branding and ultimate customization, course elements to team swag, this event was the ultimate backdrop for our creators to deliver brand focused content. ​
•3.1M Instagram Total Potential Reach
•2M TikTok Total Potential Reach
•1.6M YouTube Total Potential Reach
•77 Pieces of Content (Paid, Seeded and Event)

Let’s Build Something Big

Our next big thing may be your next big thing.

Our Process

Our process is iterative—and it’s never really “done”. While there are many steps that go into a successful campaign, there are a few key steps that we do in the best client partnerships—setting us and you up for success long into the future.

Audit + Gather Requirements

We take a deep dive into first-party data and consumer research to understand your brand and how we can make the biggest impact.

Align on Strategy + Goals

We meet with key stakeholders and align your brand’s business goals to create a clear and actionable path forward.


We strategically launch each piece of your campaign to ensure we reach your consumer at each phase of the buying cycle.

Track + Learn

We track, measure and report KPIs that matter most, developing a powerful formula to scale and drive future success.


Leveraging our own expertise and the use of powerful tools we optimize your campaigns at every touchpoint to drive results.

How We Work


We’re always evaluating and evolving to create solutions that are scaleable and iterative.


We’re a group of individuals with a fiery desire to do amazing work and to position and drive demand for your brand.


We know outlooks drive outcomes, that’s why we always start from a place of yes.


We hold ourselves, our clients and our work to the highest standards in execution and decorum.

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