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Steal the Spotlight: Tips For Making a Memorable Impression at Trade Shows

March 20, 2024

Trade shows offer an invaluable opportunity for businesses to increase visibility and connect with potential clients. However, amidst the sea of flashy competitors at the convention center, it’s common for newcomers to be overshadowed. To guarantee that you’re maximizing the return on investment from your booth space and presence at the event, it’s crucial to strategically plan how to make your business stand out and become the talk of the town.

Dress the Part

A bustling showroom floor can only be described as chaos with vendors from every direction vying for your target audience’s attention. With so much to choose from and so many faces to interact with, wearing coordinated outfits as a team helps to stand out among a sea of attendees. Konnect, for instance, has made a tradition of sporting vibrant pink pants, shoes, branded jean jackets, and more, creating a distinctive uniform. When you select outfit choices for your team, play up your company logo, color scheme and even slogan to help unite and differentiate your crew. Your color choice should also be used in messaging across social media prior to the event. “Look for us in Konnect Pink!” is our favorite pre-show promo.

Booth Space is Prime Real Estate, Invest!

Amidst the visual clutter of trade shows and conventions, it’s crucial to ensure that your booth stands out from the crowd, utilizing design as a key differentiator. Consider hiring a team whose work resonates with you, even if they aren’t specialized in exhibit design, to achieve the most impactful results. If you aim to present a larger, more committed image (and increase your attractiveness to attendees), investing in quality printed materials not only enhances your current presentation but you can use those materials again and again for future events.

Activations and Giveaways Set You Apart

Generic corporate giveaways like pens and mugs are uninspired and can even irritate potential customers instead of attracting them. Differentiate yourself from the norm by offering something unique while still promoting your brand. Consider distributing valuable memorabilia that align with your brand but are still useful to attendees. Activities can also create a crowd and provide an opportunity for memorable moments. Combine a giveaway with a fun activity to draw a crowd and get people posting on social media.

Relationship Building Reigns King

With all the flash and fun of a trade show, it’s important to remember the most important takeaway of the event is building relationships. Whether catching up with past contacts or building your existing network with new connections, finding ways to connect with industry leaders should be a priority. Before the event, utilize the attendee list to send out targeted emails to individuals you’d like to meet with. Check out after-parties and book private dinners with connections to provide opportunities for a more personal connection.


The bottom line of trade shows: come prepped! Use your outfits to build unity for your team and come ready to mingle with more people than you ever have before. If you are investing in booth space, truly make the most of every inch and design. There are hundreds of exhibitors and even more attendees walking the halls of most trade shows, so the key to standing out is thinking outside the box. Our most important tip of all is to remember to have fun and make the most of your time there.

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