Winning Together: Lessons from Successful Brand Partnerships

September 25, 2023

Brand partnerships represent a strategic collaboration between two brands where one’s success benefits the other. These partnerships present a strong strategy for business growth, raising brand awareness, and entering new markets. Numerous examples of successful co-branding partnerships exist—below, we’ve shared a collection of some of our favorites, and why we find them to be so impactful.

Brand Partnership #1- Pantone X Crumbl Cookies

Pantone recently partnered with Crumbl Cookies, a chain of gourmet cookie shops known for offering a variety of decadent cookies. The two collaborated to create Crumbl Pink, a pink shade unique to the Crumbl brand. This collaboration not only showcases the versatility of Pantone’s color mastery but also underlines the power of innovation and creativity in branding. With Pantone being a globally renowned authority on color, their involvement in creating this unique shade also lends credibility and prestige to Crumbl Cookies. The Crumbl Pink hue can remain a defining feature of Crumbl’s brand for years to come, reinforcing brand consistency and recognition.

Brand Partnership #2- Rhode X Krispy Kreme
Rhode Beauty, a cosmetics brand founded by Hailey Bieber, recently launched a limited-edition peptide treatment inspired by Krispy Kreme’s famous strawberry glazed donut. Overall, this successful brand partnership leverages the strengths and appeal of both brands to create a unique and compelling product that resonates with consumers. The collaboration brings together two seemingly unrelated industries, beauty and fast food, creating a unique and unexpected product and a novelty that helps generate buzz among consumers. The limited-edition aspect also adds an element of exclusivity and urgency, encouraging customers to try the product before it’s no longer available.

Brand Partnership #3- Essie X Poppi

This summer, Essie and Poppi joined forces to introduce a partnership to inspire summer nail designs. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant flavors and colorful cans of Poppi soda, nail brand Essie created several fun and graphic polish colors. Both Essie and Poppi share a commitment to bright and colorful aesthetics. The collaboration leveraged the strengths and brand identities of both companies, creating a natural fit that resonated with their target audiences. The timing of this collaboration during the summer season was also a strong strategic push, aligning with the desire for colorful and playful nail designs that are perfect for the warmer months, making this partnership timely and relevant.

Brand Partnership #4- Fendi X Tiffany & Co.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the iconic Fendi Baguette bag, Fendi and Tiffany & Co. teamed up to create a collection featuring these bags in Tiffany’s iconic blue hue. Both Fendi and Tiffany & Co. are prestigious, well-established luxury brands with rich histories. Their partnership enhanced the exclusivity and status associated with their products. The Fendi Baguette bag and Tiffany’s signature blue color are also both iconic and instantly recognizable. Combining these elements created a unique and desirable product that appealed to both collectors and fashion enthusiasts. Collaborations as such showcase innovation and creativity in the fashion industry, reinforcing the brands’ positions as trendsetters and leaders.

Brand Partnership #5- Liquid Death X Martha Stewart

In anticipation of Halloween 2022, Liquid Death, a company known for its canned water, partnered with the iconic lifestyle guru Martha Stewart to create a unique candle. This collaboration was highly unconventional and creative, featuring a hand holding a can of water as a candle. It stood out in a crowded market, capturing consumers’ attention and sparking intrigue. The quirky and unexpected nature of the partnership appealed to consumers who appreciate humor and novelty, making it more memorable. While unconventional, the partnership maintained a certain alignment between Liquid Death’s irreverent branding and Martha Stewart’s ability to embrace creativity and novelty.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, brand partnerships are a dynamic avenue for businesses to pursue growth, enhance visibility, and expand into uncharted territories. When executed effectively, these collaborations become powerful tools that not only benefit the individual brands but also resonate strongly with consumers. Through our exploration of some remarkable branding partnerships, we’ve witnessed how the synergy between brands can create a lasting impact. By striving for mutually beneficial branding relationships, companies can unlock new dimensions of success and continue to inspire innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of branding.

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