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Rama Restaurant = The New "It" Spot For Events

One of our newest clients, Rama Restaurant, hosted another fan-tabulous event last night at their sleek and hip Fairfax and 3rd street location here in Los Angeles. For the third and final California gubernatorial debate between former eBay CEO Meg Whiman and Attorney General Jerry Brown, the Los Angeles Young Professionals Organization invited more than 60 forward-thinking, trailblazing colleagues to cheer, jeer and support their candidate of choice.

Even though the event did not start until 6pm, guests began filling in around 5:45 p.m. (which is any publicist/event planners DREAM). To kick off the festivities, popular comedian Ben Glieb, who has been seen on Chelsea Lately, cranked out his politically-charged routine, and he was actually funny (another dream come true). As the clock struck 6:30 p.m., the debate promptly started and was broadcast on a 10×10″ screen on the restaurant’s patio. And since we always try to make each event special, a select small plates menu and a custom Jerry Brown Cocktail was available for supporters to sip and enjoy.
Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Debate on monstrous screen, blasting through speaker system? Double check. Can I please sit down now? NEVER.

Rewind six hours: the sound crew arrived at the restaurant and unloaded boxes, wires, speakers, and more: extremely hardcore. The lunch serving staff began clearing out tables and chairs and began a game of Restaurant Tetris to find the best way for all guests to eat, sit and enjoy the debate without also having an unwelcomed visit from the fire marshal. It was pretty intense.

I think one of the greatest parts about our office is that we all come from such drastically different backgrounds, and because of this, we can come together as a team and always fill in the gap when needed. Now, I, personally, am an event planning novice and luckily my girl Alison (who is THE event maven and someone you will meet soon) was there to show me the ropes. Who knew there was so much back and forth, finagling and haggling? And somehow, I ENJOYED this part. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good challenge and any time I get to dig deep, grit my teeth and accomplish the impossible, I.GET.JUICED.

So fast forward, back to the event, Alison and I could be seen checking the speaker volume, picking up empty glasses, making sure the flow of traffic was smooth, all the while schmoozing with guests. You know, just the day in the life.

Overall, muy bueno. I felt like a proud mama, watching her baby take his or her first steps. Successful event AND happy client: LIFE.WIN.

xo Kendra