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Aspiring LA Publicist Last Day with A Bittersweet "Hooray"

Three months have come and gone since I first started as an intern at this LA Public Relations Agency. So much has changed within the office (new employees, MORE interns) and a lot has changed within me. My whole life I wanted to move to Los Angeles when I grew up, and for the past few years studying public relations I saw how I could make it happen. I knew it had to start with an internship. THIS internship. Being at a Public Relations Agency in downtown LA was the perfect introduction to “city” life.

I learned about the working of Los Angeles and getting around, but more importantly I learned about Los Angeles public relations. I learned about all the steps it takes to get a client a press booking and about how many phone calls have to be made in order to make sure YOUR client is getting the opportunity instead of a competitor. I learned how to write more concise and creatively with social media updates, and above all I learned that there can never be to days alike. One day everything for every client seems to be “smooth sailing” and the next you’re finding out something has been pulled from the gift guide or the venue didn’t get approved so we have to move an event.

It was pretty great to see and work alongside a group of women that constantly move forward and are so willing to teach and answer questions. As I finish this internship I will be heading back to Utah to graduate and then moving to Florida for whatever comes next. No matter what that is, I know there are a group of girls at a pr agency in LA willing to help and only a phone call, email, tweet, facebook comment or instant message away!

xx Courtney