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Future LA Publicist Takes on the Question: "What is PR?"

As California State University, Fullerton’s Public Relations Student Society of America 2010-2011 Outreach Director, I often chatted with incoming freshman as well as sophomores and juniors who were frantically looking to change their major. Almost every single student would ask me, “So, what exactly is Public Relations?” I would pause for a moment, and think through each textbook I have read in the past two years, looking for the right definition. Admittingly, there is no right definition. Every single textbook had multiple versions of their own interpretation, and each one was pretty spot on. So I would just answer, “Public Relations professionals build and maintain relationships between their client(s) and the target audience, they act as a liaison or a sort of representative.” That usually got them.

So for those still confused, I have also tried to connect PR to everyday life, you would be surprised at how often some PR tactics are used in daily interactions. We all have relationships, and we all try to maintain them to the best of our abilities. Your best friend who asks you what she/he should say during their upcoming job interview? You are being their personal publicist for the next five minutes. Your significant other ends up angering your parents and you are left to do damage control? Yep, that has publicist written all over it.

Here at Konnect Public Relations, we are constantly working on making sure our client has not lost touch with its audience. At this pr agency, we use channels, such as the traditional print media, social media, and good old-fashioned press releases to ensure our client’s relationship with the public is maintained and strengthened daily. Public relations is extremely important and is always present. As the great Bill Gates once said, “If I were down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”