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LA Publicists Take NY

Start spreading the news. We’re leaving today… actually, we are already on our way. Yes as part of the continuous cycle of our every-2-month NY trips, Sabina, Shonte and I are actually mid-flight on our way to the big apple. This trip’s focus – the New York International Gift Fair. A mecca of businesses and retailers offering anything that could ever be construed as a gift to anyone (think everything from baby products to kitchen items, handmade trinkets, etc.) we are proud to say that we actually have four clients participating in this larger than life show. Yes, Mastrad, Beehive Kitchenware Co., Madii & Dyl and Sip N’ Go will all be exhibiting, showing their amazing products and getting some amazing press as a result of it 🙂

While we are all slightly deranged/ tired from the 4 am wake up call this morning and while I wish I could do nothing but sleep on the flight to NY, the fact of the matter is that here we are – the three of us – laptops open, Outlook open, headphones in, typing away in email or AIM form to the lovely team back home (“Can you call so and so? Can you check on this for me? What’s happening with this?”).

While all that is fine and dandy, we always remember to have a smile on our face, stay positive amidst extreme exhaustion and most of all, we always remember to take breaks and document our trips for this amazing Konnect PR blog.

NOTE: please excuse our 4am wake up call faces in the below photos
x Monica