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Where did the Weekend Go?

When Monday comes, I get amnesia about the weekend. It’s like it went by so quickly not to mention, its the hardest day to get out of the bed. Waking up at 5 am on a Monday morning is like waking up to a fluorescent light after being  in a dark cave for hours — it feels like your eyes are burning. Then if you have any sort of a commute (like me) it seems as if your limbs are broken and can barely move.

Now I know you are all thinking that LA Publicists wake up energetic and ready to go — that is generally the case Tuesday -Friday, but Mondays are different. We are coffee addicts on Mondays. In fact, something that gives us a natural energy boost are the new chilled coffee beverages from Bean & Body Coffee. They have many different flavors that fit our various fancies. Around 11 AM, we are all energized and on the move!

And once the coffee kicks in — we power up our computers and get this LA Public Relations firm running! (although we never really stop running lol! )

However, although we survive Mondays, I can’t help but wonder where did the week go? (it probably went where the wild things go).

courtesy of Google images

Well until someone can figure out this mystery — I shall get back to work. Happy Monday Y’all !