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Happy Wednesday Fellow Publicists!

For making it to the midweek point today, this Los Angeles publicist rewarded herself with this bad boy from Towne Food & Drink:






This delicious piece of red velvet goodness came from the new(ish) restaurant down the street!  After picking up lunch with some of my fellow publicists, we decided to stick our heads in and see what yummy treats they had to offer.  I can’t decide if this was an excellent life decision or one that I may regret every time I start to crave a little something sweet.

Having clients like Isabella’s Cookie Company is tempting enough, but now to have this hidden gem of mouthwatering cupcakes next door! What is a girl to do??

Anyways, as far as midweek treats go- this one was outstanding.  I suggest you all hit this hot spot up if you are craving some yummy goodness.  On top of red velvet, vanilla, raspberry and chocolate  cupcakes, they also had pumpkin spice donuts, different assortments of twinkies, a dulce de leche pop tart and macarons.  Yummm : )

For those of you who didn’t have yourself a midweek sweet, you need to get out there and reward yourself! Another half week of great work deserves a little something every now and then ; )

Keep up the good work everyone and don’t forget to indulge once in a while.

Until next time,

Your cupcake loving publicist,