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The Value of a Deskside Meeting

At this PR firm we take our media relations to the next level with deskside meetings whenever possible. While pitching our favorite editors via email and phone yields many results, our New York deskside meetings have always proved fruitful for clients, which makes the publicists at this Los Angeles public relations agency extra happy. As our team member Kim prepares to head into the Polar Vortex for some stellar meetings with one of our awesome clients, here are some of the benefits of deskside meetings:

  • Undivided attention. Editors’ inboxes are inundated with emails, and while we pride ourselves on cutting through the noise with targeted pitches, the opportunity to be in front of the editor is a surefire way to stand out. Even just 5 minutes of 1:1 time with the right editor is invaluable to clients.
  • Putting a face to the name. It’s called media relations for a reason…it’s all about the relationships! Establishing a personal, face-to-face connection with media contacts is valuable for working together in the future.
  • Opportunity to go more in-depth. You can only say so much over the phone or email, but an in-person meeting lends itself to thoroughly explain why your client’s product, service or point of view is superior and/or the best fit for your editor’s feature.
  • Asking questions. While you have their attention, a deskside is a great opportunity to ask your contact what they will be working on in the coming months. That way when you return you can pitch them accordingly and be a perfect resource!
  • Convenient and memorable. Often upon returning from desksides, editors reach out to YOU knowing that you have a resource for them!

Here’s some of the press that has come out as a result of past deskside meetings:

Good luck to Kim, wishing her a successful deskside trip with minimal slips!


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