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Top 5 Reasons PR Agencies Should Host Team Building Events

Last year I wrote about our team building yoga retreat which was a healthy mid-day getaway. Our summer retreat is once again right around the corner and this year will be marked by some noticeable differences. In the last year, we have opened up Konnect PR offices around the country and will have team members flying in from New York, Austin, TX and Denver, Colorado. Our team building event will have the entire KPR family coming together in our home base of Los Angeles – reuniting us with old friends and meeting newer colleagues for the first time.

As always, the event details are a surprise but I’ll let you in on this year’s clues. Bring a swimsuit and meet at our CEO Sabina’s beach house. A little mystery always adds to the hype, meanwhile our team building events are a great way to:

  1. Offer a jolt to the normal daily routine
  2. Reward dedicated, hard work with day of fun
  3. Strengthen the bond between colleagues during athletic, outdoor social events
  4. Introduce new faces to the company
  5. Live out the company culture of camaraderie that we preach

Amanda M.