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Why We Envy The Kardashians on Instagram

Why We Envy The Kardashians on Instagram

The Kardashians Family is a household name that everyone knows. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying their fame and their ability to get their infamous name and brand out there. The Kardashians have perfected the art of social media, whether it be Kim’s endless selfies or Kylie’s half naked mirror photos. You can’t help but find at least one of these in your feed throughout the day. Although you may not agree with all of their stunts and publicity, one must agree that they are one to watch when it comes to trends and marketing success. There’s a reason everyone knows the name Kardashian. Here are some of the reasons why we follow Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, and the rest of the Kardashian bunch.

They Always Have Imagery for Trending Topics

No matter how embarrassing this encounter was, Kim still posted this photo of her and Prince. She used it on social media, and with over 1 million likes and almost 15k comments, this Kardashian knows how to start social conversation.

They Know How To Work Their Feed

There’s no question that Kylie Jenner doesn’t know how to work a camera to show off exactly what she wants to show off, but she also knows how to work her Instagram feed. While most of her feed consists mostly of selfies and body shots, she sneaks in a few pictures of her product, Kylie Cosmetics. And posted in between a few shots that are sure to stir up some buzz, the placement of her product shots is timed just right to get people interested with 1 million likes and over 53k comments.

They Know the Right Way to Post Press About Themselves

In an agency where public relations plays a huge role in what we do, we know the importance of press hits. Unfortunately, there’s always a right way to handle press on social media and a wrong way. Does this press interest your followers? Does your press hit feature your company in a light you want your targeted audience to see you in? Sometimes the phrase “all press is good press” isn’t always true. In Scott Disick’s case, this image combined with his usual comedic copy increased his engagement by over 160% from his last post.

The Kardashians are definitely a family that has caused a stir in media. Although it’s not always the best outcome for their family when it comes to gossip stories, they sure know how to leverage social media in the best ways possible. There’s a reason they have millions and millions of fans throughout their social media platforms, and following them can teach you a few lessons in marketing your brand.

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