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Every Little Thing: Why the Small Details Are a Big Deal

Every Little Thing: Why the Small Details Are a Big Deal

As professionals, everyone has their own work style that is developed over time and through experience. Working at a public relations firm on behalf of various clients, it is important to remember that you’re not only representing the agency in which you work but also the client themselves — which makes it even more significant that you’re turning out the best quality work possible!

Over the course of my career as a publicist in Los Angeles, I have found that this work is often produced by paying attention to the finer details. And we’re talking small – from matching the font to consistency in formatting, it all goes a long way in establishing your reliability.

When we’re at work we’re often tempted to multi-task, and that can make it near-impossible to pay attention to the little things. But not doing so can cost you your job or your reputation. And it’s not just a “work thing” — paying attention to the small things is also beneficial in life. Though often and easily overlooked, the little things can snowball into big things, and they matter more than you think.

Why does it matter? At work and outside of the office, I’ve noticed the following:

  • Attention to detail matters because one error can ruin your credibility. Simple mistakes are easy to overlook, but when they start to happen frequently things start to look sloppy. Eventually, this can lead to your client having less confidence in your work as a whole. If something is important to you and you’d be upset about these repeated mistakes, take it as a sign you should put extra care in on your end.
  • It demonstrates the importance of the activity. When you pay attention to the little things, it demonstrates thoroughness and pride in your work. Tom Peters, the author of The Little BIG Things: 163 Ways To Pursue Excellence, claims, “Nothing, absolutely nothing is irrelevant to individual branding …” When your friends, family, clients and colleagues see that you’re paying attention and have taken the time to be methodical, it speaks volumes about your character and enthusiasm for the task at hand.
  • What’s little to you isn’t little to all. While a decision may seem minute to you, it is important to remember you’re dealing with your client’s livelihood. Eventually, all of those smaller decisions add up and are the basis of your peers’ decisions on whether or not they can rely on you.
  • Details big and small combine to complete the final puzzle. When the work you deem not-so-important is of top quality, it generally ensures the bigger, more important projects will also be so. Eventually, they build over time and come together as pieces of one giant puzzle. This finished product usually results in a happy camper – or in our case, a happy client. The same goes for friendships and relationships. Those small acts of kindness and attention to detail will eventually go a long way in building relationships that last.
  • Make quality a non-negotiable. In our fast-paced day-to-day, it’s easy to cut corners and rush. However, if you choose to adopt a mindset around quality you’ll always come out on top.

To summarize: be time-smart, be aware and start to notice the details that can and will make a difference to you and your reputation. This will go a long way at work and in life.