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The Power of The Influencer

Working at a social media and PR agency, you get to work with a lot of great influencers. I found this influencer news in the media very interesting and wanted to share! Amazon has decided to take full advantage of the popularity of influencers to create Amazon Drop. Now many companies already use influencers but Amazon is now creating an entirely new brand letting the influencers have control of the partnership to drive their new campaign in the fashion space. The concept is: street style influencers will drop limited edition fashion collections with Amazon. The catch is, you don’t know when they’re going to drop the new line –plus, they are only available for 30 hours! The pieces they are selling are affordable and designed by your favorite influencers. To kick-off this campaign they used: Paola Alberdi. Other influencers committed to the campaign so far are: Sierra Furtado, Emi Suzuki, Leonie Hanne, Patricia Bright. From what I can tell, Amazon’s digital marketing plan includes only working with influencers over 1 million followers. They even have a form to fill out if you are interested in being a part of their new campaign. Better start working on your social media following! What influencer do you think Amazon should partner with next? Will you be picking up any of these stylish pieces?

Amazon Drop changes the influencer partnership game because of the control it’s letting influencers have. In partnerships, typically the brands give influencers the products to promote. Letting the influencer start from the concept to execution gets them more interested, engaged and enticed to promote it authentically. The influencer and brand, in the end, know their branding and audience best and partnering together should be beneficial for both parties. The partnership between an influencer and brand isn’t simply a business transaction, but rather provides an opportunity to gain a genuine relationship with the influencer and their audience. With this in mind, choosing the correct influencer is very important and that’s where Konnect Agency is perfect for the job!

Overall, brands should start thinking more about personalized partnerships like this because of many benefits such as: potentially driving down the cost of a partnership, gaining a more personal relationship with an influencer, influencers potentially being more flexible to contract terms because of their personal investment, gaining back more impressions, selling more product, gaining more buzz, etc. This type of partnership is beneficial for the brand and influencer. I hope to see more brands go this personalized collaborative route in the future.

-Amanda D.