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What End of Summer Sales Signify to a Publicist

It’s time to prepare for end of summer sales success! Excuse the typo…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just wrapped up, along with a host of end-of-season sales currently hitting, marking the shift from summer to the beginning of fall. As seasons change (for states other than sunny California), August is a perfect time to bridge the gap from the summertime mindset and prepare yourself, your accounts and clients for success as we head into the last quarter of the year.  As a leading Los Angeles public relations agency, we encourage our teams to apply a growth mindset in all we do. This means that our team of talented PR and social media marketing professionals are always looking for ways to dig deeper into their accounts and client industries in order to challenge their own best practices. So as we wait for our new autumn arsenal to arrive we scooped up during those end of summer sales; we’re keeping these reminders top-of-mind to help jump-start our fall planning:

  • Review 2019 PR plans: Is there anything we haven’t gotten to yet or pitch angles that need to be adjusted for Q4 based on a brand’s current marketing priorities?
  • Track KPIs: How are we looking? Identify any new tactics to close the gap from where we are to where we need to be.
  • Start Long Lead Planning: Hello, New Year, New You!
  • Compile Mid-Year Reports: Q1-Q2 are over…be sure to share stellar results from the first 6-months of the year.
  • Learn Something New: What is one new thing you can learn about your clients’ industries that will help in your outreach and/or understanding of their business?
  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled on Awards: Any new accolades coming up that we can get on our planning trackers?
  • Start Planning for 2020: Set in-person planning meetings for all clients to begin discussing 2020 and beyond

As we head into one of the busiest times of the year for businesses, our teams are decked out and ready to deliver on the exceptional results Konnect has been known for since 2009.

Happy shopping planning!