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The Benefits of Consumer-Facing Events

The Konnect team, along with some of the family brands we represent, attended the Biggest Family Shower Ever in Los Angeles this past weekend. The shower was organized by Big City Moms, a platform which serves as a resource for new and expectant moms. A stream of media, influencers and consumers looking to learn about new baby and parenting products walked the show floor, and Konnect’s own client, Cybex, exhibited its products. Attendees were able to try products from the various brands present at the show, with many retailers also offering product giveaways through social media or raffles.

With events like this occurring on a regular basis all over the U.S., our public relations agency encourages the brands we work with to consider participating in them for a number of reasons.

Create a closer relationship with your target audience
More than 75% of the attendees of the Family Shower events are expecting mothers, often accompanied by their partners and dads-to-be, who are excited and anxious about becoming new parents. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to interact with an audience who is genuinely interested in learning more about products they need as they become new parents or expand their families. With the parenting space constantly evolving and brands constantly developing better, safer, healthier products, consumer events help foster one-on-one interactions that lead to stronger connections between new parents and your brand.

Establish relationships with a captive media audience
Let’s not forget that media are also customers. Yes, writers and reporters are generally there to cover the event and might include your brand in their upcoming coverage; however, chances are they also have children of their own or within their personal network of family and friends. Consumer events can make it easier for you to build relationships with journalists and influencers in a less formal setting, which can translate into future coverage.

Expand brand awareness in a new market
Your brand likely has a list of key markets or regions throughout the country where you are able to make the biggest impact. This can be due to various reasons, ranging from the locations of your HQ, the sales you generate in a specific region, new trends in an area, and more. If you are looking to build or expand awareness in a particular market, it is definitely a good idea to bring consumer events up during your next conversation with your PR team.

Launch a new product
New product launches are certainly a good time to consider participating in a consumer event where attendees are looking for the best new products on the market. Showcasing your latest-and-greatest to a key mix of influencers, media and consumers at a show is a great way to drum up excitement and receive feedback before your new product even hits stores or ecomm sites.

And if you are looking for PR support leading up to your next big consumer event or show, you know where to find us!