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How to Avoid the ‘Sunday Scaries’

It’s Sunday night, you have a press release hitting the wire at 8:00am Monday morning, need to get pitches out for National Chocolate Day and have four back-to-back client meetings — cue the ‘Sunday Scaries.’ As a publicist working in a fast-paced PR agency, the Sunday Scaries can be a side effect of an industry that seemingly never sleeps. Media is an ever-changing landscape and new stories pop up every second, some of which you need to act fast to capitalize on. However, there are ways to make it all manageable. To make life easier and allow for more stress-free Sunday’s, follow these tips from the experts at Konnect Agency.

Prep in Advance

When working in PR, especially franchise public relations, media outreach is really a numbers game. The more editors/journalists/producers you reach out to and the more genuine relationships you have with them, the better the chances your story will be picked up. What does this mean? Prep your press materials BEFORE heavy pitching. For example, Friday is a great day for admin work in the PR world. Pitching isn’t recommended on Friday’s, which gives you almost an entire day to tie up loose admin work and prep for Monday’s heavy media outreach. Have your lists, pitches, assets (photos, links, etc.) ready to go before you leave on Friday, so you can fully enjoy your weekend. If you feel so inclined, delay-deliver pitches via Microsoft Outlook on Friday, so they arrive in editors’ inbox by the time you get into the office on Monday.

Set Your Goals for the Week

Any working professional will tell you setting goals is a key to success. On Thursdays or Fridays, take time to evaluate what you accomplished over the past week. From there, set one or two main goals for the week ahead. Whether it’s securing a print feature for a client or meeting with an editor for coffee, setting goals in advance gives you a productive starting point to jumpstart your week.

Be a Human

At the end of the day, you’re a human — so take care of yourself like one! If you start feeling stress or anxiety creeping in on Sunday night, stop, take a breath and meditate. Meditation can calm all those scaries you’re feeling. Additionally, be sure to drink enough water! This may seem obvious, but often you’re so busy during the day you forget to hydrate. Set reminders, buy those fancy water bottles that tell you how much water you need during the day or whatever you need to do to make sure you drink up. Finally, a critical topic of importance… SLEEP! The average adult needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night in order to work productively. A piece of advice from your friends at Konnect Agency: put your phone away on Sunday evening! Unless it is an emergency, it can wait until Monday morning. Ditch your phone and laptop, and really relish in those the last hours of your weekend.

There you have it! Here’s to your happy, healthy, less-stressed week!

-Kristina A