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Konnect’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Konnect’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

After what felt like a 6 month long January we have finally made it to February – the month of love.

Coming from a Public Relations agency that works with everything from food and beverage brands to franchises, we know what your loved ones want this Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t matter if your Valentine is a spouse, child or pet, the perfect gift is out there for all of them!

Instead of grabbing a dozen overpriced red roses and some stale chocolates from your local drug store this Valentine’s Day, how about buying one of these amazing items to make this year’s Hallmark Holiday the best one yet!

For your Sweet Tooth Valentine

Cookies or Cake — a true Sophie’s Choice. With Mrs. Fields Valentine’s Day Heart Strings Cookie Cake you get the best of both worlds! If your loved one has an insatiable sweet tooth, they will be blown away by this moist and chewy colossal cookie cake. Luckily for you, the iconic Mrs. Fields cookie cake is 12“ in diameter so your loved will have to share with you!

For your Top Chef Valentine

What’s better than a home-cooked meal made with love? With an explosion of home chefs whipping up meals nightly, giving your Top Chef a gift that will allow them to continue to follow their passion is exactly what they need. Knife Aid is the answer to keeping your loved one’s knives as sharp as they need to be.

Knife Aid streamlines the process of knife sharpening by providing a pre-paid envelope that contains all the materials needed to ship knives to their factory, where they are hand-sharpened by an expert. Knife Aid professionally sharpens a variety of knives in a quick turnaround and will have your Valentine’s knives back in 3-7 days!

For your Kid-at-Heart Valentine

Adulting can be hard! Sometimes you want to cut loose, have fun and live life as you did as a kid. If your Valentine wants to have fun and be as uninhibited as a kid, there is no better place for a Valentine’s Day date than Dave & Busters.

Take your Valentine on a date they will never forget! Start with a delectable dinner with one of Dave & Buster’s chef-crafted menu items and a delicious craft cocktail or beer to start the night right. You and your Valentine can watch sporting events in the D&B Sports Bar and play state-of-the-art simulators and games of skill you can’t play anywhere else.

For your Little Loved Ones Valentine

No Valentine is more precious than a child! If you ask a kid what they want, they would likely say chocolate with youthful excitement – which is to be expected. However, you should also give them a beautiful gift that is personalized to them and they will have for years to come. Dinkleboo’s line of personalized kids books are the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day!

The fully customizable books give your child a chance to be the central character in various action-packed stories. Kids will love being integrated into the story. These books will show your kids they are your true Valentine!

For your Four-Legged Valentine

There is no one happier to see you after a long day at work than a pet. Pets can be the true loves of our lives. So this year be sure to show them how much you love them! Zesty Paws is a must-give gift for your fur-babies. Zesty Paws is a leader in the pet supplements category with its treat-like and science-backed supplements with proven ingredients to help every pet feel their best.

Zesty Paw’s Mobility Stix is a gift they will love that will also help keep them healthy! These premium hemp-enhanced dental sticks support hip and joint health so they live their best life. Bonus: it also promotes fresher breath – for those Valentine’s Day puppy kisses.


Giving the perfect gift to your Valentine this year no matter who they are will show that you love them. These unique gifts will highlight your love and make them feel special. Happy shopping and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved one.