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A “Temporary Normal” Demands New Marketing Tactics For the Long Haul

A “Temporary Normal” Demands New Marketing Tactics For the Long Haul

The impact of COVID-19 is far-reaching and unlike anything we’ve experienced before as marketers. And, as we take stock of how it is impacting business, we observe that many were not prepared for the direction commerce has taken. A key factor in adapting is the ability to develop contingencies to mitigate loss, most of which are found online. As an agency supporting businesses in consumer packaged goods, franchise and lifestyle, we’ve spent years anticipating how the growth of digital channels will impact business, and even so we are struck with how quickly, practically overnight, digital marketing has become an imperative.

In the recent weeks, companies have realized the importance of digital marketing as their audience has largely shifted their time and wallets to online. This major change in consumer behavior has led us to examine the ways we can help our clients approach social media, digital marketing and influencer partnerships to ensure these new sales funnels grow and develop into permanent solutions. Some key principles to consider:

It’s Time to Get Personal

As humans, we are changing how we view the world almost overnight. As marketers, these personal changes are forcing us to examine our role in helping businesses evaluate their message and lay the foundation for what’s next. More than ever, we need to put empathy, values and service to others first. The formulas we used prior to this pandemic will not work. People are seeking out brands that make them feel connected and valued as customers, so how you speak to a customer who is dealing with personal struggles associated with their new normal is more important than ever. We help clients identify brand narratives, messaging strategies and digital content approaches that consider consumer mindset and the true value you can offer.

As events continue to unfold and the foreseeable future appears to include more staying at home, it becomes increasingly crucial to focus on the emotions we are all feeling and building content that connects people around our shared experiences. Hiring influencers to deliver your message, developing video content or creating live content opportunities are all ways you can transition into meeting the needs of your audience. Combined with a refresh of existing content through editing and creative graphics you’ll be telling a new story in no time.

Now Is the Time to Try Something New

We know customers can be found online, and we can reach them through a relatable and honest content strategy that will live on a website, social media channels and digital ads, but once we reach them, we need to understand what they want and how they will behave. Now is the time to explore how different approaches and tactics might impact your long-term customer relationship. If your organization previously put token efforts into digital channels because you had built your connection to your customers offline and that had always seemed to work, now is the time to revisit and invest in your online presence and refining what works there. That could be as simple as giving your website a slight refresh to make messaging more current and reduce e-commerce friction or giving your social media content a new perspective supported by paid ad strategies that will drive visibility. Konnect has experience with helping brands develop a purposeful approach to building new customer touch points and we can help you determine what will work best for your brand.

While your brand may already be active online, are you really considering how these activities are driving your customer to make a purchase? Awareness may be solid but developing a stronger connection to sales is the trickier part for brands that have been built for grabbing customers in stores. Now is the time to address the many ways your customer can find you though SEO, e-mail marketing, social media advertising, display advertising, testing new audience targeting methods, etc., and when they do find you, make sure their experience is optimized. Now is the time to address your wish list of e-commerce tactics including setting up an e-mail marketing program, customer support chat or add to cart optimization to ensure that your website to matches or exceeds the in-person experience of shopping at a store.

Extend Your Reach Today for The Future of Your Business

With social distancing affecting our view the world, what we do today to reach our customer can add up to a new insight or innovative way of doing business as events continue to unfold. Developing new approaches and shifting to digital marketing should not serve as an emergency solution, rather it should be looked at to develop long-term value for your business, even if the world eventually gets back to normal. There is great potential to reach your audience in new places by expanding your view of various digital channels (streaming, podcasting, radio), ad formats and targeting methods (demographics, geography, retargeting and remarketing) and exploring where your customer is actually spending their time.

Ask Us How We Can Help You😊

While there are many ways you can develop new digital marketing efforts, it’s not a one size fits all approach. As we’ve pointed out, making sure you’re offering your customer value is the first order of business and determining what your true value is may be the biggest hurdle. Additionally, a concept designed to bring in new customers may vary from how you will interact with your existing customers. Offering a personalized approach is our strength, and we can develop a unique and applicable set of tactics for your brand. Our team is always available to provide counsel, brainstorm or simply chat about whatever your distinct issue or opportunity may be. We’re happy to connect via phone or video any time you need us.