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2024 Outlook: Embracing the Shifting PR Landscape

November 20, 2023

Why Brands Must Account for Trends Now for 2024 PR Success

Now more than ever, public relations may feel like a never-ending arms race to dream up the buzziest, most “disruptive“ campaign fueled by the power of celebrity and the elusive, almost mythical viral TikTok post. As 2023 comes to a close and PR professionals use the next 30 days or so to reflect on the year’s wins, challenges, and takeaways for clients, there’s also immense opportunity to plan for 2024. As a full-service digital marketing company, we’ve compiled a list of the top PR predictions for 2024 that excite and intrigue us most:

he Age of AI-Driven PR is Here

In 2024, one of the most transformative PR industry trends is the growing prevalence of AI-driven conversations and content. With AI’s rapid advancement and broad application potential, PR professionals are increasingly embracing AI-powered tools like ChatGPT to augment writing, supplement creativity, and fine-tune brand messaging. In fact, entire brand campaigns are centered entirely around AI as a way to reach and engage with tech-savvy consumers. As this trend continues to gain momentum, the ability to harness AI-driven conversations and content will be a critical asset for PR professionals and brands seeking to enhance engagement, efficiency, and the overall impact of their campaign strategy in 2024.

Consumer Connection Through Video Content

With the explosive growth of video consumption in recent years, PR professionals are capitalizing on the power of video to foster deeper and more authentic connections with their target audience. According to recent statistics from Nogentech, video content continues to be a primary medium for information, building brand affinity with its core demographics. PR experts are strategically using video content to tell compelling brand stories and engage consumers in more immersive and emotionally resonant ways. From engaging product demonstrations, informative how-to guides, and impactful storytelling, the statistics highlight that video content will continue to be an essential tool to build trust, authenticity, and a stronger consumer-brand connection in 2024.

Talking TikTok Talk: Seizing a PR Moment with a Viral TikTok

Nothing can be more impactful (or fleeting) than a viral TikTok for a brand. Knowing when and how to leverage this type of social content for additional press coverage by a PR team requires nimble thinking and immediate, decisive action. From online shopping guides to national TV segments on shows like TODAY and Good Morning America, consumer fascination with this viral video content shows zero indication of slowing down. With the accelerated growth and expansion of TikTok’s in-app Shop functionality, the social media platform will only continue to influence brands’ PR and marketing strategies in 2024.

Meeting Journalists Where They Are…On Substack That Is

Only looking to HARO for new pitch opportunities? …That’s so 2022. Journalists are now turning to Substack and other subscription network platforms to efficiently reach their robust network at a mere click of a ‘send’ button. On Substack and beyond, journalists are sharing their best practices, and most helpful to PR professionals, sharing their story assignments. Gone are the days of simple Cision searches and strictly pitching from a traditional media list. Wise PR professionals recognize that editorial sleuthing now encompasses a mix of Substack, social media groups, and (above all) networking and the ever-invaluable IRL face time with media.

Immersive Campaigns Tied to Global Events

A defining trend in public relations includes campaigns tailored to momentous events in 2024 including the Olympics, the U.S. election, and other global events. Often watched by billions around the world, these cultural events offer a unique opportunity for PR professionals to align their messaging with the shared anticipation and the undeniable global attention that these occasions hold. PR experts are customizing their campaign strategies to resonate with the event themes, values, and the diverse audience they attract while maintaining brand authenticity. By building closely watched events into public relations campaigns in an authentic way, brands can strengthen brand affinity and consumer relationships. As the world’s eyes turn to these global events, the ability to seamlessly integrate the public relations strategy to the unique context of 2024 events like the Olympics is the hallmark for increased visibility and engagement with new audiences.

“Let’s Circle Back on this Next Year”

This is just a snapshot of the untraversed terrain PR holds in 2024. While the foundations of PR 101 remain universal, those who will find success next year will undoubtedly embrace change, be quick on their feet trend-wise yet remain grounded and rooted in strategy, and understand that PR excellence knows no bounds.

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