Kite Hill

Kite Hill is the maker of plant-based artisanal cheeses and yogurts that deliciously meet the wants and needs of a wide spectrum of consumers. While their products are vegan and dairy free, the priority for the brand is to make a delicious alternative to traditional cheese and yogurt that people will choose because it makes them feel good.

Our Assignment

Konnect is charged with creating awareness and highlighting Kite Hill’s innovations in making head-turning plant-based products by securing a steady stream of features on the company’s products and Kite Hill overall.   Throughout the year we introduce Kite Hill products into seasonal and trend themes, participate in sponsored events and partner with social media influencers to reach target audiences interested in plant-based eating.

2017 Results
563 Million
Media impressions in lifestyle, women’s and parenting publications
2.4 Million
Impressions from influencer partnerships targeting women and moms

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