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Four Reasons to Partner with an Influencer Marketing Agency For Your 2022 Events

February 3, 2022

After the last two years of navigating the unexpected, we’re hopeful 2022 brings some normalcy back to the picture. With safety precautions in place, socialization is a top priority for our social wellbeing, but also business strategies. We are hungry for in-person events, conferences – but COVID has altered the world, and planning an event in 2022 will be no easy feat.

What an Influencer Marketing Agency Brings to the Table

Brands will need to find a way to stand out for both in-person and digital events— and what cuts through the noise is credibility. Working with an Influencer Marketing Agency can bring a handful of engaged, knowledgeable, and well-respected players into the picture who can generate excitement and build buzz for the campaign, while you work on the logistics, safety, and structure of your event.

Elevate your next event by partnering with an agency to secure top tastemakers to build buzz for your brand.

4 Reasons to Partner with an Influencer Marketing Agency

Creating the Right Event Atmosphere to Draw an Influencer

Working with marketing professionals will help your company nail down the best atmosphere to attract top-tier influencers to your event. Not only can they help secure a space in a poppin’ area of town, but they know what kind of items to provide influencers that draw their attention, beyond just the product you’re selling. For example, for an intimate dinner you might present all attendees with custom plate ware that they can take home at the end of the night; or for a shopping experience, offer a stipend so they can purchase whatever piques their fancy. Last year, Konnect created an all-vegan dinner experience in downtown LA for our alt-milk product, Sproud, and all attendees were met with Instagram-able moments from the second they walked into the space, and a bedazzled custom jean jacket to take home at the end of the evening. It’s all in the details.

Bolster Attendance with Giveaways

A nice way to garner free event buzz is with giveaways via your influencer partners. Offering an exciting package, such as a new product, a value-add item that aligns with your company, and an invite to your event is going to result in social engagement, increased following, and possible conversions.

The strategy of these giveaways depends on the format of your event. For digital events, you can cast a wide net as the giveaway can be open to anyone, no matter where they reside. For in-person events, there is a benefit to working with an influencer of a smaller, more geo-targeted audience following. Influencer marketing agencies have the tools and ability to find the right niche influencers for your goals who will ultimately build buzz for your event. Remember, you don’t always need the biggest and flashiest influencer to make an impact.

Obtain Usage Rights for Content

One of the most important securities to negotiate when working with influencers is the right to repurpose or repost the content they create on your brand channels. This usually means compensating and contracting them for their time— which is where the pros can help. According to a 2021 survey, 49% of people on social media depend on influencers to make their decisions and 40% have purchased after seeing sponsored influencer content across their platforms. With usage rights, you can target your brand audience and top demographics to drive them to purchase, or at the very least, bring them into your marketing funnel.

Solidify Brand Credibility

Influencers are a powerful marketing tool. When you have an expert within the industry speak to or show your product in a positive light on their page, you have gained credibility within your saturated market. Whether paid or unpaid, consumers trust their favorite influencers’ opinions and understand that they only promote brands and products they truly believe in. For that reason, they are a key tactic to get the word out about your event and make it desirable to the public — especially, those who have not yet heard of your products but are a core demographic. Their content can drive sales, increase your social following and engagement through one post or set of story frames. All it takes is one influencer to start talking, and you know what they say – word-of-mouth marketing spreads like wildfire.

While you may have connections to people with social influence, an influencer marketing agency can take it a step further and find you the trifecta— credible partners who align with your brand values, have true and engaged audiences and are willing to create content for your long-term use. Sometimes to get the best bang for your buck, you have to invite the pros to have a seat at the table.

Looking for an influencer marketing agency? Konnect with us to learn how we’ve helped other brands build brand awareness through successful influencer partnerships.

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