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Why You Need an Influencer Marketing Agency to Vet Your Partnerships

October 4, 2021

An influencer marketing agency can help measure the success and effectiveness of an influencer campaign beyond looking at likes and comments. It is extremely important to evaluate the back-end analytics of a potential partner before working with them to ensure your partnership is as impactful as possible at achieving your primary campaign goals.

Influencer Marketing Agency Services & Solutions for Back-End Analytics

Let’s start off with what are back-end analytics and why are they important to measuring the success of influencer and celebrity relations campaigns. If you have a creator or business profile within your Instagram app, you can see metrics behind your creative content. These metrics showcase how your content performed by providing powerful data-driven insights. 

Back-end analytics that an influencer marketing agency can decode:

  • Reach- how many people actually saw your post
  • Impressions- how many times your content has been displayed even to repeat people
  • Profile visits – how many people went to your Instagram main page
  • Likes- how many people clicked the heart button 
  • Comments- how many people commented on your content
  • Shares- how many people shared your post with someone else via direct message
  • Saves- how many people saved your content to view later in their personal saved folder 
  • Link Clicks- how many people clicked the link you attached
  • Location- showcases a breakdown of where your audience is located in countries than in cities
  • Gender- showcases a breakdown of gender 
  • Age Range- showcases a breakdown of age ranges
  • Growth- showcases how many people follow you, unfollow you, and overall within certain time periods
  • Most Active Times- showcases how when your audience interacts with your content within the breakdown of hours and days 
  • Content-Type- shares which type of content does best in your feed such as Post, Reels, Stories and IGTV Videos
  • Interactions- shows you how your posts are performing and who interacts with them other than just looking at the content and scrolling forward to something new 

These metrics are powerful, not only in determining the potential success of a partnership but also what types of content will resonate best with the influencer’s audience. As an influencer marketing agency, Konnect always recommends asking for an influencer to share screenshots of these back-end analytics with the brand prior to the partnership. We can utilize this data to better determine deliverables and content based on the brand’s goals and objectives. Mapped out below are samples of common campaign goals and the best analytics to review and measure to ultimately decide if your brand should move forward with a partnership. 

Campaign Goals for Influencer Campaigns

Gaining Followers

If the brand is looking to gain more followers a partnership that includes a giveaway would be the best way to reach this goal. When evaluating an influencer for the campaign, asking for analytics of their prior giveaway posts can show you how they historically perform. High post reach, combined with a large number of comments, would indicate a successful result. We look for engagement of previous content to be at least 2% to define a successful partnership.

Brand Awareness

Beyond working with macro-influencers and celebrities who have large followings, another great way to increase reach and impressions is to have your partner create IG Reels content. IG Reels are favored in the algorithm and continue to gain views over time, therefore are great for brand visibility. When evaluating an influencer look at their old IG Reel campaigns to see if they are consistently trending by showing a growing view number. If the answer is yes, we recommend working closely with the influencer on a creative idea they think will trend on the Instagram algorithm for your specific campaign. 


If a brand is looking to get direct sales, the best way to get results would be through Instagram stories with a direct CTA to purchase through swipe up or sticker. Note, the influencer’s profile must have above 10k followers to gain access to this link feature. When evaluating your pending influencer, choose those who have had high link clicks in past campaigns and has an engagement rate of at least 1% – 2%. Asking for previous partnership success from the influencer can get you more of a feel of what types of products excite their audience to swipe up to look at or buy.

Location-based Campaigns

If a brand is looking to promote in certain regions you can check to see if the influencer is a fit by looking at where their audience is based. This will showcase a breakdown of the cities and countries’ where their audience is located, ensuring you are reaching an audience where your product is sold.

Final Thoughts

In the end, gaining access to influencers’ back-end analytics confirm why a brand should partner with an influencer beyond number of followers and engagement rate. At Konnect Agency, we work hard to pick the perfect partners for our client’s campaigns. We always request insights into our potential partners’ past partnerships, success, and average metrics to determine if they are best to put forward to the client. We can work within all budget ranges to meet client goals of securing meaningful and impactful influencer partnerships.

Looking for an influencer marketing agency? Konnect with us to learn more about our work and how we’ve helped other brands build brand awareness through successful influencer partnerships.

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